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Going to the dentist high and getting numbed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheStoner420, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever gone to the dentist high and gotten numbed? How did it feel?:bongin::bongin::smoke:
  2. Yeah haha, like your mouth is numb... The worst part was after because I was really hungry except I couldn't feel half of my mouth.
  3. Haha i gotta try that
  4. i went to the dentist high once. they kept spraying my mouth with water cause i had dry mouth, lol.
  5. Go in high when you know they're going to give you the laughing gas. It's so awesome and intense. I was getting my wisdom teeth cut out and they had the machine cranked to the max, and I thought the air vent was a mid-evil soldier with an abnormally large unibrow... I wanted to laugh but I was too high... And, you know... Had shit loads of needles and drills in my mouth.
  6. Absolutely smoke before going. All they're gonna do is shoot novocain up in your gums. It feels cool as shit when your face goes numb. I had like 4 hour dentist sessions this summer and smoking helped it go by faster.
  7. This sounds hella awesome.
    I've been avoiding the dentist for years now because he's always really mean to me. (I have genetically disposed bad teeth, and he always accuses me of not brushing. ?? Right. I just stank up everywhere I go.) This might actually get me to go...

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