going to strip club for first time

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  1. Whats it like are they really naked how do you get a lap dance
  2. you just walk in the club with a cardboard box full of bricks of money and throw it everywhere.
  3. Bandz a make her dance.
  4. Wow... all I can say is, if you want to cum, get a private dance. Bitches will grind all over your cock until you burst.

    Some clubs don't show pussy, so don't always expect it. If it is, make sure you shove a $10 up the pink.
  5. Ask for Butt Clap Granny. She knows how to treat you right.
  6. Tequila all night you sexy beast.
  7. Jaysis
    No wonder hewers and strippers get STDs and infected vaginas all the time, cash notes are diiiiiiirty
  8. Be prepared for all the other sketchy cats there. There is a weird, unspoken bond in strip clubs.

    But Strip Club 101; the more money you have, the more strippers are gonna treat you like royalty.

  9. Yeah but some have other things on them too so it all works out for the best.
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    A strip club is for people who cant get any.
  11. LOL, you'll have no trouble getting a lapdance. Expect to be offered one about every 5 minutes from every stripper in the joint.

    In my state, no alcohol = fully nude... serve alcohol and they gotta wear g-strings :mad:
  12. It's overrated. Food is usually good though haha
  13. Lots of terrible advice already and not even onto page 2 of this thread. Why am I not surprised?

    Anyway OP, you're gonna need at LEAST $50 to have any sort of a good time. Try not to be creepy, be polite to the strippers and all will be good.
  14. 1.) Go to the bank, pull out $50 in ones.

    2.) The girls are gonna dance then walk around, stick them in her panties.

    3.) The girls are gonna walk up and chat like you know eachother, be friendly and when she asks if you want a dance, you can say "not right now, just enjoying the show. Maybe later" or "yes" dances are usually 10 bucks.

    4.) Get wasted/high before you go in, drinks are expensive
  15. No matter what you do while you're there hanging out....when you get ready to leave you've gotta make it sleet.

    That's where you throw a handful of change at the strippers up on the stages and make a big scene.

    They'll throw you out, but if you're leaving anyway then it's no big deal and you can say you made it sleet.

    On one of the strangest weekends of my life I managed to get kicked out of every strip club in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

    Great times.
  16. heres a little trick i learned, Ur not feeling the stripper attacking u for a lap dance, just be like i just blew all my money, but feel free to stick around

    watch them run
  17. Just run around and start grabbing tits and ass everywhere you can.

    Your totally NOT going to get kicked out.
  18. God, I love strip clubs so much. I spend WAY too much money at strip clubs. WAY too much money. But like everything in life, you get what you put in. You REALLY get what you put in at strip clubs. I know from experience.
  19. Haha a strip joint around me serves free beer all night! Most time we went there just to get drunk as fuck then go out to a party or something already warmed up.
  20. I have a very low opinion of strip clubs.....don't give anybody your debit or credit card...and don't be talked into going into a "private" room....

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