Going to start in less than a month hopefully.

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  1. I'll be posting a journal in two to three weeks now, but technically haven't started yet, so no journal yet.

    Got my 150 watt hps light from www.e-conolight.com and modded it so the ballast is outside the box, which has yet to be built. I put a fan on the ballast inside an old computer power supply box and it works great. The light bearly heats up, but I haven't kept it on longer than an hour and I think it will eventually, so I'm going to hook up a 60 cfm computer fan and standard cheap aluminum ducting. The reflector/hood is really crappy, but I don't have time or money to build a decent one and can't buy one the size I need. I'l drill holes in it to accomodate the fan and ductiong, which will lead to the back to the carbon scrubber (see below for details).

    I'm building the frame for the box right now and you'll see it in a week and a half or so when it'll be pretty much done. The current planned dimensions are 1.5ft (deep) x 2.75 ft (wide) x 2.5 ft (tall). I'll be making a frame out of 1x2s cut to the dimensions, drilled together to make the frame for the box. The boxes floor will be elevated off the floor for better ventilation by about 1.5 inches. The legs of this will be attached to a .5 inch thick piece of particle board which will support the weight of the rest of the box, which will be placed on top of this "table."

    The sides of the box will be built out of 1/4 inch thick or 3/8 inch thick particle board cut to the abovesaid dimensions. The back will be made with a "carbon scrubber (two screens sandwiching activated carbon from an aquarium store). The front will have a thin 1/8 inch Masonite (super compressed sawdust sheet) which will slide in as a door. All the sides will have laminate placed on them when finished so as to appear as a strange piece of IKEA furniture. The inside will be lined with Mylar on all sides save for the back, which is the carbon scrubber.

    Instead of adjusting the light fixture, I will elevate the plants when young, slowly reducing height as they get older.

    I'll only have about 1.5 feet total for plant height, this does not include pot height, which will be about .75 feet deep and about 1.25 feet in diameter. There will be one pot per plant (2 pots total). I'll be starting them off in jiffy pots and will grow six, or however many survive germination (from six seeds), and I will continue growing them until i can ascertain which are males based off of rapidity of growth, node pattern, and if necessary, force flowering. Once I can ascertain which ones will most likely be female, I will take the two healthiest candidates and transport them to the larger pots.

    The pots themselves will be simple large pots cut down to the dimensions I need. I want square pots, but can't find them, so those will have to do. There should be drain holes on the bottom of the pots, but if not I can always make some. Below the pots will be placed an upside down cover of an old tupperware container to catch drained water.

    In the back, a 10 dollar desk fan will continually blow air at canopy level in order to strengthen the plants and also provide a bit more ventilation.

    I have considered putting a couple of two liter bottles full of yeast, water, and sugar for Co2 Production. Though there is some debate as to whether or not this will be beneficial on a grow this size, I have ascertained that it cannot hurt and is worth a try.

    My soil will consist of 1/3 Organic Soil (PH neutral, no nutrients), 1/3 worm casting, 1/3 Pearlite. I will adjust with bat guano and blood meal (blood meal in extreme cases of Nitrogen deificiency, most likely not going to use). I will need advice on adjusting the soil once flowering is induced.

    I will be employing FIM, LST, and tying down branches to promote more node growth and a wider plant. The pot size will also encourage more wider growth as opposed to tall growth, which I am obviously trying to avoid.

    Let me know what you guys think of these plans. Thanks in advance.
  2. sounds good man ..... its a little hard for me to see the down sides untill you start putting this together. You got mylar yet? I suggest you line the inside of your box.... only thing I didnt see you mention

  3. I haven't gotten it yet, but I can easily pick some up in a nearby town.

    A few questions have hit me recently.

    1. Are my pots deep enough? (.75 foot deep by 1.25 diameter, it's about 2.6 gallons of soil I believe)

    2. How do I change an organic soil mix once flowering is induced?

    Anyways, I just started germing six seeds in a paper towel. I used Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water to wet two standard paper towels, thick set. I placed it neatly in a plastic snack storage bag and placed it in contact with a warm 1 gallon bottle of water, to be changed every six to eight hours or at least removed from contact with seed towels.

    Expected germination time: 1-5 days. I used the biggest, healthiest looking seeds I could find in my stash. I'll just set up my hps in my closet if I have to while I finish up the box.
  4. HIGH All, man your not giving yourself a lot of room eh!!! You wouldn't want bigger pots...even less room. When I did organics I let my soil mix sit for a week or so. When it came to 12/12 I had some mix Already made and transplanted them into it.

    Instead of wood for your sides...you should look into Black & White Poly for walls it's easy and cheap.
  5. Looks pretty good, except for the height of the box might give you some trouble. If it's only 2.5 feet, minus the height of the pots, minus the height of the light at the top, that's only going to leave you with not much room. Is there a particular reason it has to be so short? If so, you could always scrog or sog.

    Also, I'm not sure how well a computer fan will work with aluminum ducting. Computer fans are pretty good to just slap on on a box to move some air, but I'm not sure if they're powerful enough to move air through any good length of tubing. But I've never tried so maybe it works fine. Dunno.

    Good luck.

    Oh, and you don't need to change your soil when you start flowering, or at least I've never heard of someone doing it. Some people change their nutrient schedule, but those people are not using organic nutres, which don't need to be as regulated because you can't overdose your plant on them.
  6. I can make the box bigger, but not by much. The plants MUST remain under 2 ft in height. I live in a tiny tiny space.
  7. You need a much taller box to get any kind of yield.

    The way you have it described:

    1.5' (height) - .75' (pot) = 9" of plant space.

    Even with LST and FIM there will not be enough space.

    Then theres the heat issues.

    A 150W light and a computer fan will not keep the space cool enough to keep your plants almost touching the light to maximize space.

    You will probably grow a plant. But in that space I wouldn't see you yeilding more than a 1/4 oz at most.

    Figure out a way to give yourself more headroom. And get a few more fans.

    Good luck. :)
  8. well I built a three foot tall box with 1.5 depth and 2.75 width. The top is removable so as to adjust height in my 5 foot tall closet. Haven't installed ventilation yet. Two seeds sprouted taproots today in my paper towels so I put them in dixie cups and expect to see sprouts within the next 3 to 7 days, by which time ventilation will be installed and the box will be in my closet and out of my way (sitting in my room right now).

    Chronaholic, I measured out with the new dimensions and even with the light and height of the pots, I still measure out to a good 15 inches for plant height.

    There has GOT to be a way to get a grow of two super short plants outta this space. I'd prefer not to have to grow outside of the box into my closet. There has been way too much experimentation with growing cannabis in enclosed spaces for me not to at least try this.

    I mean, look at what THIS guy was using a couple years back:

    he grew in a 14 x 16 x 24, microscrogging two plants, seed to bud. Looks like he used it more than once too.

  9. THANK YOU! Ok, first a foremost, I changed my height to a full on three feet tall by 2.75 feet wide, by 1.5 feet deep. As far as ventilation I'll be handling that tomorrow once the box is FULLY completed (AKA, add top and short back panel, sides and bottom are finished and painted (couldn't get mylar, too expensive in my area, so I used bright white ceiling paint). Light now has ability to be mounted, etc.) I might just use the comp fan at full power despite noise and hopefully that will move the air through the ducting. The ducting would only have to run about 8 inches total. It will have to be curved, so that would cut back on efficiency, but if run at full power, I believe the fan will be able to filter out some air. Would a bathroom fan be better? How do I hook one up if it is? Would it compromise space much to install a bathroom fan?

    The reason it has to be so small is because I live in a FUCKING SMALL space and want to make this somewhat stealthy. My closet only has five feet of height and will be an emergency measure in case I really fuck up and have the plants moving into the two footer range.

    I WANT TO SCROG!! I probably will in combination with the LST and FIM and tying down. Will this cut down on plant height significantly?

    The pots will be wider than deep, I believe I read somewhere that this also cuts back on plant height somewhat.

    I'm pulling out every stop I can to keep these plants LOW and any further advice would be appreciated.

    Sorry I have so many questions and I realized it's frustrating for some of you to deal with my continuous posts regarding how to grow in my tiny space, but I REALLy want to grow, FINALLY got consent from ALL of my roomies, but I have to keep it STEALTHY and inside (unless I want to visit local forests which is a no no for me as I have some back problems and suck at hiking). In addition, I believe that micro-growing is a much more interesting form of growing as it is more condusive to small housing lifestyle. People who don't have a whole closet or a whole room to grow in and STILL want to grow inside shouldn't be left without a solution imo. Even though I've never had a successful grow, I'm taking this as seriously as possible without compensating my living space and the electricity bill. I believe my dimensions are not out of the question for growing in, just unorthodox.
  10. Can't wait to see you grow i am doing pretty much the same thing except my space is 1x1x4 foot and i want to use this light http://cgi.ebay.com/High-Efficiency-Grow-Light-150-w-watt-HPS-hydroponics_W0QQitemZ7776703656QQihZ018QQcategoryZ42225QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    im thinking of using a huge desk fan as a intake fan and using a cardboard box to light proof it and have a carbon scrubber commin off the cardboard box idk just a idea.

    i have 80$ right now and im saving for that light... my next paycheck should be about 70$ so that should be enough . i germinated 6 seeds today im gonna veg 2 in a rubbermaid container with cfls and try to get a mother plant. i'm building a clone box to hang 2 4' floruescent shoplight in then i can just veg the clones and do lst and scrog lol the only reason im doing all that is to ensure i get a female.

    wish i could find a cheaper 150 watt hps light
  11. For square pots try plastic kitty litter pails and drill drainage holes in the bottom.
  12. this gives me a idea... i have these plastic containers with 1/4 inch holes in the sides do u think i could turn this into a hydroponic pot? maybe if i made more holes in the bottom with a box cutter knife

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