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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Zimed, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. So there is a guy I know, who says he'll get me some weed. He says it's like 35-50 dollars for a "Nickel" or something, I'm not sure. But I was going to smoke it with him, so we would split costs...is this the actual price?
  2. Jesus that seems high.
    1/8 of good stuff should go for around $50-$70. A dime sack is $10 dollars worth, I imagine a nickel should be $5 dollars worth.
  3. Yeah that seems pretty high lol-- yeah an 1/8 of dank goes for about 50-65 around here and 30s is usually 30 bucks -- commen sense-- i wouldnt buy it -- but thats me -- do whatever u want man
  4. ur gettin ripped off a nickel is 5, dime is 10, 1/8 up here is 40, ounce 220 etc.

    dont buy it... find someone else and u can get an eighth from them.. gl

  5. i think he means a nic.. which are about 70 to 100 bucks around here, its like 8 grams..some people call it nickles for some reason, i dont know why beaceu nickles are also worth 5 bucks around here.. get the lingo straight buddy..lol

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