Going to school high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by deceasedhorizon, May 4, 2011.

  1. Holy shit haha im roasted as fuck and going to school high for the firsrt time any advace? Took a blunt of some green ele to the face

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  2. Doin it now! Wake n Bake Wednesday:smoke: just keep a cool head.
  3. Visine
    Just visine xD
  4. Visine and keep a straight face hahah
  5. hahaha, i skipped school today. And im high as fuck!
  6. The straight face part is the worst xD
    I'm never able to
  7. holla at di betches mang
  8. lol ur laugh when your high will always give it away, so no goonin. also use some visine
  9. Going to school high was just another normal day... Going to school sober I would need advice...
  10. its not hard to keep calm when high.

    forget visine, i would tell them i have allaergies; thats why my eyes are red.

    i love going to school high, its just the munchies that kill me :smoke:
  11. best way to go to school. makes boring stuff interesting and annoying people tolerable.

  12. I skipped school today, but I don't have any weed. :mad:
  13. Anti-bloodshot eyedrops, and just don't bother answering any questions, personally, i tend to muble loads when im high in public :)
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9iRb7Q9JAg]YouTube - Stoned Professor[/ame]
  15. Just be chill about it bro. I used to go to school BAKED. Visine, gum, straight face when the authority shows up and you'll be straight. (Just dont pass out in 3rd hour, its the obvious give-away) hahaha
  16. Why the fuck do u guys trip about keeping a strait face? What you guys dont laugh and smile when your sober?
  17. That stoned professor video LOL

    In the 9th grade my science teacher was high as fuck. He was talking about how awesome xbox-360 is. He would not stop, he just kept going on and on about xbox360 for maybe 30 minutes. When he was sober he would walk around the class and talk about the lesson at hand, he never went off topic. But the day he was clearly high as fuck, his eyes were glazed & redish. He sat on a stool and never moved for the whole period

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