Going to PP for first time

Discussion in 'General' started by Coup D'etat, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. What should I expect? I'm getting a full STD screen (I hope).

    First timer.
  2. Well if youve been using a condom nothing.
    If you been going bareback on some dirty hoes maybe gonorrhea
  3. I dunno mang.

    I never use condoms.. dont like em one bit.

    And I ain't caught nothing......that i know of. It don't hurt to piss so i'm good :D ...wait I take that back, I got checked bout 5 months ago n i was clean.. so yeah.
  4. i rarely use condoms as well, but then again ive been bangin the same chick for 5 years. bag that shit up whenever ur bangin a random chick though, forget bout an STD, she might get pregnant and thats a whole nother situation.
  5. I know about the finger print & urine test.

    But do they really swab your dick?

    Haha. I'm 20 and this sucks.
  6. Oh man... thats the worst... fuckin swab up your piss hole... fuckkkkk.. kill me now.
  7. Even the thought of that makes me queasy lol.
  8. around this time is when i feel awesome that ive only fucked 2 girls in my life without a rubber
  9. Johnny,

    Either way you should get yourself tested. No lie.

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