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Going to make the sickest bong ever

Discussion in 'General' started by Hella Dope, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I got this drum for christmas its a giant fiberglass bong like shape with a drum pad on the side and a giant hole on the other side. Il attach pics

    The giant hole i plan on SOMEHOW inserting a bowl ther. Not sure how its a decent size hole (about 3-3/12 inches wide. It even has a perfect little hole i could use as a carb and i would obviously use the top to inhale. Only problem is sealing that bowl hole lol. And i want it to be reattach-able so its concealable and i could still use it as a drum. Any advice or cool ideas would be appreciated!

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  2. Another pic you can see the bowl hole and the carb at the top above it :D

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  3. man that things tight dont fuck it up..

    :laughing: "bowl hole"
  4. I know man haha idk what else to call the hole.

    My main goal is to keep the drum playable. Its a 150$ value and honestly i really enjoy playing it.
  5. thats what im talkin about dont mess it up..

    its tempting but id fuck with somethin else

    go out an look at alcohol bottles and get a glass drill bit.. theres a bunch of alcohol bottles that are perfect for making a bong
  6. Alright dude now that you mention the glass drill bit this might be perfect

    Just some glass shit thats been laying around the house for years. Not sure how i would go about making it though.

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  7. unless you are a glass blower I don't think you are going to make the sickest bong ever, but that would be a cool bong man :bongin:
  8. yea you can make somethin outta that..

    just get the bit and research a little on how to drill glass.. its not hard but you dont wanna crack the glass.. i think you gotta do it under water or someshit

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