going to Maastricht, NL... question

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  1. total noob here, but very interested in getting started.

    I'm in Europe right now, but I'm from USA and I'm coming back home soon.

    I'm going to Maastricht and I noticed they have a dutch passion seed shop there.

    I was wanting to get some seeds myself (rather than trust some other person to send them).

    Should I just mail them back to myself in USA? or should I try to sneak them in myself? I have a friend living in NL, so maybe I could act like she's the one sending them?And I had no idea she was sending them if I do get caught?

    sorry if this is the wrong forum, but it is seed related...

    many many thanks!
  2. i would take em yourself
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    like in my pocket or something?

    if i sent it back to myself, how exactly should I send it? fast?

    who should I say it's from?
  4. I knew a kid from the NL and his friends would send shit to the states in jars of peanut butter. What you might do is buy a magazine with a cd in it. Take the cd out and shape foil like the outline of the case, put the seeds in the foil. Reseal the plastic.
  5. I'd probably do whatever was cheapest, which seems like it would be buying them and carrying them back over... who the hell would stop you for seeds?
  6. Put them in your pocket or somewhere close on you... security check points don't x-ray humans...
  7. put it your asshole fuck it gotta do what you gotta do lol
  8. actually they care alot about seeds...

    i was in amsterdam during the summer and i brought back 5 packs of seeds... i put them in my plastic bag with my toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, etc.. then put that in the bottom of my bag and it passed through all x-rays and the customs(they didnt open my bag up in customs tho)

    also i wouldnt carry them on you cuz they do random security pat downs and my friend infront of me got padded down and the person behind me did... i was also gonna keep em in my pockets or tape em on my leg.. lol.. but glad i didnt do any of that...
  9. All you have to do is keep them loose in the bottom of your pocket. Not a pile of'em but maybe 10. Ive walked through an airport/customs with 7 seeds in each of my front two jeans pockets. they patted me down AND looked through my bags. Never even saw the seeds.
  10. Vader Haze..

    i would have done the same as you but i wanted to keep the packages they came in to know which ones were which cuz i bought 5 different packs

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