Going To Have Bad Dreams Tonight About My Blue Dreams

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    I had no reason to do what I did. I have a dealer, and he's solid. It's pretty good quality; in between mids and real dank. Should be good enough for anybody. But no, my friend says the word "blue dreams," and I start thinking something different. 
    I'm used to this. I bring the cash, and the bud is on the table. My dealer sometimes smokes me up. Sometimes we go out to eat something.
    Here I come in seeing an >old< friend (one year of not seeing someone, that you knew for a decade, is apparently old). We sit on the patio, and next thing you know, we're pounding whiskey. I didn't want to drink, I just wanted the bud, but I wasn't about to kill the vibe. I think this is legitimate  because my friends wouldn't/shouldn't push someone that couldn't cough up. 
    Around here, what I'm paying for an ounce is $300. I think that's fine for here on the east coast. I'm told the cost of blue dreams is $360. Hey, I know this isn't California/Colorado, but if it's the real deal, I don't mind coughing up a little extra cash. The information I was told by my friend is it is good, mature bud. I had to hand over the cash, so that the man "Andre," could go to the dealer and bring it back. Apparently, an ounce is bigger, therefore the dealer would be bigger. And apparently, as you climb the ladder of dealers, it becomes sketchier as you go up. I already have a bit of trust worked in, so I had it over. 
    He comes back 45 minutes later. He sits down and the words I hear is "I have good news and bad news." The first thought that comes to my mind is: I should go back to my apartment and get my gun. For internet purposes, this is only a BB gun, and I had only the intention to play with it; not to make any threats.
    Any who, he tells me the good news is his guy is getting it prepared and bagged up. The bad news is, the dealers is putting up a $60 tax. Well what the fuck could I do at that point; I couldn't show my frustration because I already gave $360. I only have ten bucks left on me, so I have to go to the local bank to cash out from the atm. I tell the guy, before I leave, to haggle it down to $40 for sure. I come back, within fifteen minutes because I have the decency to be on time, and hand him the "tax."
    He doesn't leave yet, we have to chill for about another hour. Then he leaves with his friend. I'll make this short- from the point I ask to buy, to the point he shows up with it, is 5 hours. I wasn't even paranoid. It was out of my hands. I could be upset, but that's it. If I didn't hear form him, I would have to bite the bullet, and just take it as a life lesson.
    In that mean time, other people show up. One of them being a good friend of mine. And we just chill. We make some calls out to hear what's going on. Then he mentions he can't get some other stuff. Let's just say 1)my friend has allergies and he will be having sinus issues in the morning 2)cupid flew by and he's going to be hitting people with arrows.
    The middle man/drug dealer, however, thought it would be god damn hilarious to troll us; essentially me. I'm hearing things about "on the way there," "chilling at 97th street," "at this gas station," "the guy is eating at Outback Steakhouse, we gotta wait for him." Those are all stories in themselves that I don't even know. 
    After an excruciatingly long time, he comes back. So the Blue Dreams...It has an odor, but it's not die hard strong. It was a bit leafy and pretty crystalized; good amount of trichomes. Not worth $400 for the weed, in my opinion though. He also came with the other stuff. 
    All in all, I'm not going to get into this shit anymore. I'll will stick with my day to day job; with my mediocre dealer; and my mediocre life. I love mediocrity. 
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  2. Moral of the story; don't front money.
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  3. Aww you should never settle.

    Chief Schmokey Schmoke of the Tchokers Tribe

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  4. I always had the mindset.
    My mistake was this: Don't trust a friend when it comes to drugs, or anything that deals with money over $50.
    Business should be business. 
  5. I wish I could teleport weed to you. Thats lame sorry you had to go through all that shit. 
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    That stuff would give me wet dreams. Seriously, looks pretty dank lmao.
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  7. Why did you go so far up the dealing chain?
    My dealer sells ounces and my dealers dealer moves pounds.
    I thought all drug chains were like this?
    So your dealer only sells like grams and eights or something?
    Kinda pointless to call him a dealer in my opinion.
  8. Never front, never trust. I thought for sure you weren't getting any bud reading that story, but it looks like you didn't even get quality stuff, overcharged and duped. 
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    No, no, my normal dealer does sell ounces. He could probably get my pounds as well. Of mids, and sometimes what I personally consider dank. But he could never get me names, because names would usually just be hype. 
    It was just this new guy, who apparently had to go to someone special. In the end it made sense, because he was involved in things much higher than weed.
    And you know how those newbies sometimes post threads for the first time and are all like "I just got so high for my first time. It lasted forever and wouldn't stop. I think the weed was laced with PCP or LSD, ahh!"
    And then we would all usually respond: OP, you're crazy. You probably just had a bad trip. Dealers wouldn't lace their weed because they would just be losing out on more money and they wouldn't want their customers to have a bad time by not knowing what they're getting into, they would want repeat customers.
    Yeah, well this guy would probably be the kind of guy that would get a kick out of that. He's 23 years old, and he enjoys trolling in real life. Completely sketchy. Literally, one of the sketchiest person I have ever met in my life; easily in the top ten.
  10. Man that sucks but that happens when you are buying drugs, especially if you're buying ounces. All you can do to be safe is get it from someone you know who already has the ounce on them so you don't end up in these situations in future.
  11. Yeah at least you got your buds. I've been completely fucked before...it's not fun at all.

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