Going to FL, need to bring 1/8, how?

Discussion in 'General' started by cass21idy, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Im flying from boston to florida and I need to bring an 8th sack. How can I do this? I was thinking just taping it to my dick and going from there. Is that neccesary?Help me please.
  2. if your really paranoid you can tape it to your inner thigh, but taping it to your dick is fucked up.
  3. Forget smuggling an 1/8 dude it's not worth it. Just wait till you get down there and get it the old fashioned way bro. You gotta use common sense when it comes to things like that. I love to smoke too but not to the extent that I'd risk smuggling charges etc.

    Stay green!
  4. i wouldnt do it either but a freind of mine just flew out of here up to northern states and he just had it in his sock. i dunno if that helps, and also if you go a beach here eventually you will run into someone smoking or selling, so they can help you out
  5. In FLorida??

    Do old people toke?
  6. Where in florida?

    I would just triple bag it and tape it to your gooch with duct tape. If you are a girl (just looking at your username), couldn't you fit a rolled up bag inside of a tampon? I know it sounds gross but you would never get caught.
  7. hey! i'm from FL and i'm not old!!!
  8. Taping it to your penis....:eek: That dont seem right lol.... think of how bad that would hurt I dont think thats worth an 8th .

    I say just dont do it.
  10. if your going to south florida id say dont risk it and just get some crippy down here
  11. What about where no one lives, like Marco Island?
  12. why leave the northeast now!! the weather is terriffic this week
  13. Funny how I talked about tapeing it to my dick and this guy comes in and telling me I'm a girl and I should put it in a tampon.

    I'm going to Orlando, the disney part. I don't think there are many dealers there but I don't know.
  14. i always do this when flying. fold bag up square and tight, wrap with clothes dryer sheet,tape up with black tape. put it in some black sox on your checked luggaged not your carry on. dont put it on your person, they have random searches, especially if you look like a stereotypical stoner, you will be chosen.
  15. Shit man I smoked a blunt with Donald Duck and Minnie sold me acid.
  16. LOL, my bad dude, I'm coming down off this adderall and i cant fucking think straight.
  17. Dank is pretty ez to find in Orlando area but if your hellbent on bringin your own may i suggest trying http://www.watchfuleyedesigns.com/ the O.P. Sac is supposed to fool DEA dogs so...

  18. true, alot of good strains up there, when i went up i got ounce of mango for 250
  19. Haha i would totally try it for the good stories i'd tell my kid someday
  20. believe it or not there are some old stoners with really good weed on marco

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