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Going To Colorado For July. Not Just For Ganja...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Gosk8, May 19, 2013.

  1. Me and my girl wana venture out and take a vacation to Colorado. We wana do most things outside, hike, fish, whitewater, etc. So what's there to do that's worth doing. I'm a big national park buff.
    You know this was coming but:
    am I pretty much guaranteed to find weed pretty easily?
    Being 20 will that be an issue?

  2. Cmon man! (Espn sports analysts voice)
  3. I think its the same laws as alcohol so if ur posessing under 21 it can be a problem for u
  4. first response takes the gold
  5. I'm pretty sure it's very very lenient on possession. I've heard there's a craigslist delivery service for selling
  6. Just be careful if you're gonna smoke in a national park
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    Dude Colorado is the shit!  I've lived here 19 years and I never want to leave.  Personally, I have a biased opinion of the best national park.  I skiied for the Winter Park Freestyle team, and it sounds like this would be a perfect place for you.  During the Summer Winter Park (a ski resort) changes into a mountain bike course with some epic kickers and stuff.  Two miles from the ski resort town is Down Town WP, there are a bunch of small shops, dellies, ect and you can plan fishing trips or rafting trips in town too.  Another two miles away from the Down Town is a really small town named "Fraser".  I have a cabin here and recommend any of the lakes and rivers you see on the right hand side of the road.  Trout all day long.  Colorado is great though, everywhere you go there will be ATLEAST one really awesome national park or something.  For sure go see Red Rocks though.  If you're a big party guy, the lower lots is where everyone throws down during concerts.  You can get anything you'd want at this lot, just watch out for undercovers trying to "buy molly".  
    As for the weed situation, don't even worry bro.  Walk up to anyone who looks chill, 5 bucks say they have it.  Or if you are really in trouble and can't seem to find anyone, Broadway or 16th street mall in downtown.  These street will supply you with all of your ganja related needs.  Walk down 6 blocks and if one dude doesn't offer to sell you weed go get a burger and try once more.  It's freaking Colorado, everyone smokes.  
    If for some reason you are the most unlucky guy in the world and are not able to find any, just pm me here and I'll take care of you.. Or go to CU Boulder and ask one of the 25000 kids you'll see.  
    Any specific things you would like to do here? I've been almost everywhere in CO during my life so I can probably recommend good places. 
    Best places in CO (IMO)
    1.  Red Rocks
    2. Castle Rock
    3. Winter Park (Mary Jane)
    4. 16th Street Mall
    5. Boulder
    I smoke anywhere, everywhere, all the time and I have never had any problems.  As long as you're not ripping a 3 foot bong while driving a convertable you should be okay law wise.  Just watch for undercovers at party scenes.  As for national parks, I wouldn't worry.  Mary Jane is in a national park and there are smoke shacks built throughout the trees on the side of ski runs.  There are huts at Red Rocks too and a Stoner couch on the hog back.
    ~One last thing~
    DO NOT WEAR A FLAT BILL HAT WHILE DRIVING.  Okay so believe it or not, I don't really care, my uncle, who is currently employed by the city of Lakewood P.D, told me that Denver and Lakewood cops are told to look for teenage-young adult boys with flat bill hats on.  They then find any reason to pull you over and search your car and give you a ticket.  Granted its like 50$.. but fuck that.

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