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Going to college

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ROFL A PIGGY, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, so I'm about to go to college and luckily I will be in a single suite.

    The reason for this is they had too many students apply for housing, so they gave us the option to apply for suites (usually reserved for sophomores+) and since I applied for housing so early I got accepted.

    So I will be in my own room, which is connected to a living room and kitchen with 3 other people in their own rooms sharing.

    Pretty sweet gig, so I'm just wondering of the best ways to hide the smell from going under my door.

    Should I make a sploof, get a vaporizer, or will a good ole towel under the door do the trick?

    Thanks. I'll be back on in an hour or so gotta go out.
  2. You pretty much said it yourself.

    Get A Vape,

    Make a sploof,

    or Throw a towel down under the door.
  3. Vaporizer with a sploof will keep you in the clear for life. A good sploof from a Local Head Shop will work wonders for ~$15. The Magic Flight Launch Box ($119.99) Da Buddha ($189.99) and Silver Surfer ($249.99) are all good vaporizers and can be used in a single room with no problems at all. It all depends on what you are looking for in a vaporizer.
  4. I say any one of those three you mentioned should do the trick quite nicely. Personally i'd buy a vape because that is by far the best way to smoke imo and probably the easiest to hide the smell.
  5. I just got a pocket vap for a similar reason(although i will be sharing one small room with 2 other poeple) I used it yesterday and there is little to no smell at all. I HIGHly recommend it. But if your roommates aren't going to care too much a towel under the door could be just as easy.
  6. all of the above and buy an oil burner (not incense, those are too obvious) oil burners smell like really strong candles.
  7. All of the above :D only if you want to be REALLY safe though.

    That is the room setup i had, it was amazing man. Having your own room is key, having a kitchenette and living room is key to. Win - win in my mind. Good for jams as well.

    My residence was so easy to blaze in though man heres a couple tips:
    - air flow. Using a lighter (by watching the flame) see where the air is flowing. First check your window, and check vents and the door as well. If a lot of air is coming in through the window then you'll need o work on masking the smell. If, on the other hand its flowing out through thte window... then your golden. For the first few months mine was like this. I would blaze with my doors open, standing in the doorway, and i could watch the tokke drift across the room and out the window. Come winter time it was the opposite, i would blow a toke in the window and have it come back in my face.

    - alarms. Make sure you cover and smoke detectors or alarms with some plastic of some sort. Same goes for vents, some rooms will have an air return meaning it takes air from your room. If this is the case then cover it (yuou can use the lighter to test air flow again).

    - smell. Always have a sploof on hand just incase, and if youre in doubt use it. We rarely used ours, but who knows your situation could be different then mine.

    -roommates. Ask right away if they blaze. If answers yes, awesome. If no, then find out how much they'll tolerate it and if its not much or youre not sure, then keep your smoking secret. I was lucky all my roommates were stoners or didnt give a fuck. My room ended up being the place to blaze :D there'd be times when a dozen of us were in there ripping the fattest sesh.

    Probably forgot some stuff but just remember that if you HAVE to you can always go outside... oh and if you do get a vaporizer then smell is barely an issue. Have a blast though man residence was the most fun... i hope this helps/wasnt too painful to read :p
  8. Yeah man smoking in college is dope and easy if you have something like that. Enjoy. :) You'll definitely figure it out when there but a vape is always a good investment.
  9. if u use all 3 in combination, your golden.
  10. Smoke buddy plus pipe with a quarter plus towel plus a little ozium equals super stealth
  11. Hopefully everyone else smokes and you wont have to worry about it.
  12. Just tell the cats know...yo I smoke weed, If you smell it, are you gonna tell the RA? Ask them to be straight with you if they'll tell I suggest you vape and spoof (preferably out a window) with towels under the door.

    If they won't tell, (but maybe rather not have the place smell like ganja) You can smoke sploof, and fabreeze without too much smell. It will be faint dank smell but nothing big, as long as your door doesn't connect to the hallway where RA/other students can smell.
  13. Dude they paired me up to be roommates with the RA this year, what the fuck man, what the motherfucking fuck man...
  14. hahaaa that sucks bro...

    but get this. My first year i sold a quarter to my r.a. which he proceeded to use while cooking brownies for the entire floor hahah so dope. However the buzz was killed when someone snitched and the R.A. got kicked out :eek: luckily he was good guy, he didnt rat me or my roomie out... plus the new r.a. always baked normal cakes and cup cakes and delivered them to our doors after tests! we mustve looked so ripped hahah

    ... great times.
  15. Careful smoking in college. Plenty of people get kicked out for smoking in those school owned rooms. I expect the suite should be bigger than a normal dorm, so the smell should be a little easier to manage. But if your lucky all your room mates will also be smokers and not give a shit. If your not lucky, I'd just make a sploof and do your smoking in your bathroom (assuming its only for your room and not everyones). Smoke doesn't seem to linger when I blow it into the shower; I assume the tiles can't really hold smell like carpet and what not can.

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