Going To Buy Sneaky Piece. (Your Opion?)

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    Hi guys, I am going to buy some sneaky piece, which does not look like bong, but it is a bong. I know normal bong is better but I need something what someone looks at it when parts are not together and he is like, "oh water pipe". So what do you think about it? First one or second one? I will probably need to scratch off that herb when it gets to me.
    Edit: Btw, does someone know how it works? Does it have air hole like normal bong?

  2. Second one, it looks like you can attach it to any bottle,
    And if by hole yu mean a carb then I dont think either of those two have it
  3. My buddy was gonna buy the second one literally 30 minutes ago when we were drinking downtown, I advised against it because a piece like that you may as well not even have water filtration and just get a dry pipe, but to each their own!
  4. but you just gotta take it off and put it on a bigger bottle, its not really that bad.

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