Going to buy my first portable vape: Vapir NO2?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by MacBongwaters, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone, I'm a pretty newbish smoker (been smoking for less than a year) who's willing to try "the new Healthy and Medical way of smoking your herb" for the first time:)
    Specifically, I'm looking for a portable vape that I can sometimes take outside with me, but that I'll mostly use at home. These are the aspects I care the most about:
    - Price lower than 130$. Since I've never tried vaping I'm not too sure wether I'm gonna like it or not, so I wouldn't want to spend too much on it (sadly I'm on a budget)
    - Weed-oriented vape. I'm most likely never going to vape any extract oils or wax since they're impossible to find where I live, so I need something that works at its best with grinded herbs
    - Possibly something that gives big enough hits. I was interested in the Vapir Mini until I realized you can only take rather small hits with it.
    Portability and battery time aren't much of a matter to me, since as I said I'll mostly be using it at home.
    I've searched a bit and i think the Vapir NO2 would fit all of my requirements pretty well, I found one on ebay for 100$ which isn't much considering the shipping is included (I'm not in the USA, my crap English should give it away).
    So, is there anyone who tried this vape already and would recommend it? Or do you think I could find something that would be even better to me, considering the aspects I care the most about?
    thanks in advance!

  2. for 8 dollars more get the da vinci from ebay. 
    Yeah, I'd take the DV over the Vapir as well, but for a few dollars more, I'd take the Solo over both of them.  
  4. $5 more u can get the solo on ebay.
    Huh?  Is there an echo in here?  :ey:
  6. [quote name="lwien" post="19466061" timestamp="1391554180"]Huh? Is there an echo in here? :ey:[/quote]Nah,u just high
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  8. I have no complaints about mine. Been using it for about 6 months now. Easy to clean, couldn't be easier to operate, very efficient. I get baked off a few bowls which uses less than my arizer extreme.. If you have any exact questions, I can be quite precise in my answers.
  9. I have both. No2 is nice but I like the Solo so much more. Easier to use. Easier to clean. Better taste. Bigger clouds. Stealthier. You're not gonna put the Solo in your jeans pocket but it's more portable than the NO2Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. Hope you don't mind if I piggyback on your question, Mac. I've got the Solo in my ebay cart, but I'm hesitating because of the really hard draw that I've read about. Do more than just a very few folks find that annoying? I've been vaping nicotine for around three years...any draw comparisons from ecig users would be ideal, but I'll take anything. Thanks!
  11. A lot of people find the draw annoying on the solo.The solo draw is significantly harder than any ecig that I have used which is mostly CE4s and mini protanks. 
  12. Dude which one did you get??

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  13. I gotta say the N02 is a perfect starter and just a smart made vaporizer. First it's dummy proof, 20 min shutoff just in case you get to high and forget which happens kinda often doesn't it? It's easy to grip not awkward in any way. It's super easy to use. Twist top quarter of a turn add cheech, twist top back on smoke. It warms up in under a minute plugged in. 2 min not plugged in. Its durable, iv dropped it....in the snow lol. Screens are annoying to have to buy so just soak and rotate clean the 6 it comes with. It's pretty portable, in your car. Throw it in a big gulp and it looks like ur drinking a slurpee. 6 months of heavy use and hasnt skipped a beat. Oh big clouds and get you pretty high. I'm smokin it now :)

  14. Man, I'm just realizing this indecisiveness is a real character flaw. Silly as it is, ease of maintenance/cleaning is a big deal for me. I'll spend anywhere up to $200 for a real easy, nice vape. I can't even decide between a portable or a home unit. I'll hardly ever be using it away from an outlet. The one friend I've got who vapes just said she'd recommend the HerbalAire. I've gotta say, I like the idea of not even having to grind/wonder if I've ground it up sufficiently/optimally. Grrrr. I just dunno. God, I'm lame.
  15. Hey I have the solo and it is the best vape i have right now including the pax.. Sorry I don't smoke cigs so not sure about that.. But It is hard to draw.. But I don't find it annoying anymore only at first before I understood how it was working.. It's a little hard but just pull hard until you can't suck anymore out of the straw, you get used to just taking hits this way and clouds really are huge and it will make you cough up a lung if you take a huge hit on level 7 and no combustion.. It's hard because of the forces convection oven it uses to slowly move air around the bud to heat

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  16. this.

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  17. I have and love the N02 but only If you can get the NO2 from a friend or used for <=$100 I'd get the N02 to start. I have a few vapes and I have to admit I do use my n02 A LOT. I don't have the solo though and from what I've seen and read, it may save you some hassle.

    The N02 has 2 screens which don't have to be cleaned too often but the Solo head no screens and its glass stem make for easier cleaning and better taste.
    Hope this helps,

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  18. The Vapir NO2 isn't a bad product but if your going to spend that money, like most people said... go for the Solo. It gives really nice hits with a clean taste. I'd avoid buying any vaporizer on eBay just due to so many fake products and issues people had purchasing a name brand vaporizer on the bay lol.
    Good luck and hope you enjoy whatever you decide to get.
  19. Okay, I like you guys. The Solo kudos have finally convinced me. I have no idea what's taken me so long, especially when I've shelled out so much dough on vaping devices for nicotine, such a lesser cause. I was a competitive swimmer back in high school. I think my lungs will handle the draw just fine.
    You all really helped. Thanks a bunch!
  20. You can buy the arizer solo for like 140 on eBay which is much better

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