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Going to amusement park. Need way to get high before.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Uncjax, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So I'm going to this place called carowinds Sunday. I live about an hour away so I can't smoke then drive. Should I smoke in the parking lot? I would make edibles but I don't want to smell the whole house up. (roomates) any ideas?
  2. By roommates do you mean your mom and dad?
  3. Check out the stickied firecracker or cannabis pb recipes. Both don't really stink up your house, except a little pb smell.
  4. Alright, man, here is what you do:

    Walk up in that park with a J hangin' from your lip, if you can walk and roll, roll up another J...When the guy at the gate says "excuse me, sir?!" stride on by like you own that shit...I never got any further than this and it is hard to say whether the *illegal narcotics* kicked in or I just got slammed from behind.:cool:
  5. Well I'd say if there is a Porta-Potty in the parking lot of this park, hotbox it.

    If not, try to find a secluded area near it or something, I don't know, sounds a little shady.
  6. bring a one-hitter that you can fit in the palm of your hand. perfect for occasions like this.
  7. That is entirely up to you. If your worried about it--which you must be since you're asking us--I would just go sober. Being paranoid + Being high = Shitty
  8. I usually just smoke a joint in my vehicle, proceeded to blast the recirculation fan thing and get everyone in the adjacent 4 spots stoned.. As long as there's no kids, just smoke in your vehicle or at the edge of the parking lot.
  9. this thread is useless.. just spark it up in the parking lot when you get there. i don't understand why you can't smoke in the car on the way there though, just because you live an hour away? living an hour away sounds like the reason why you should do it on the way there...
  10. Actually if you can find one, get a One-Hitter like the one I have, it is disguised perfectly as a Cigarette so you can toke it in your car and nobody will be suspicious unless they go up directly to your car and smell the insides.

  11. If i did this i would have to smoke atleast 6 or 7 onies to be content with my high. So that might look fucked up to pack and hit a onie a bunch. A blunt or a joint are your best bet if you don't wan't/ can't make edibles.
  12. Smoking bud isn't that big of a deal. I would say edibles would be better for an amusement park though. Smoke will wear off like halfway through and you will end up just sitting around wishing you could smoke. I would make a firecracker. Or another simple recipe in the microwave. Eat that on an empty stomach before you go. Drive there. Smoke a j or 4 in the parking lot. Then go enjoy your day.
  13. #13 Uncjax, Aug 6, 2011
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    Because man. I'm not a very good driver while high. Also if I get caught driving high I would lose my license for a year....

  14. I have very dark tint ( you can't really see in at all esp in the back) so i just smoke in my car before i go in places alot. If you don't have tint just kick your seat back and park by alot of cars to blend in.
  15. i just attended 2 days at a 6 flags park and walked in with 3 j's each time...pre-rolled them and put them in my wallet. simple as for smoking them i enjoy nice rides on the "sky coaster" or whatever that thing is that takes u from 1 side to the other
  16. Edibles would be best for this, long duration and smokeless. It's possible to not smell up the whole place, just make your cannabutter in your room with a crock pot on low for 6-12 hours with some air freshener going or a boxfan in the window. As long as the lid stays on it doesn't smell that much.

    Once the butter is made there isn't much dank smell when cooking whatever edible it's used in (unless you make super-dank butter...).
  17. hotbox your car.
  18. Yeah I went to busch gardens recently with a few J's. I just got in the sky ride that takes you on a long ride around the park, and smoked it in the sky.
  19. Alright so I have decided ill smoke in the car. We are only going to be there for around 5 to 4 hours so I should be high the whole time.
  20. Find some back roads to smoke on near the park. Just roll around with your windows down and smoke a J. It'll keep the smell off you and not high when you get there.

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