Going to Amsterdam for the first time tomorrow

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    Hey, as the topic says I am off to Amsterdam with my girlfriend tomorrow and I was wanting to know which shops are best to stop off at? I am mainly looking to try new strains because i only really get cheese and kush around here but I think I would be abit of out of my depths with the range of choices, so I could do with some strain recommendations too.

    Edit: Sorry wrong section (had other city tabs open)
  2. went to amsterdam a few years ago.. honestly i don't know the names of any specific shops. but the red light district is very easily accessible on foot and my recommendation is just to walk around to different shops and see if there's anything you like.
  3. You're going to love Amsterdam!

    Highly recommend:

    Coffeeshop Siberië (a favorite of mine. not many tourists. fav among locals)

    Greenhouse Centrum (love the vibe and brand. very popular. celebrity sightings)

    Dampkring (super popular w/ tourists because Oceans 12 was filmed there. ignore that because still a good vibe and atmosphere)


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