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Going to Amsterdam any tips?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ijustblazed, May 6, 2011.

  1. Got a trip booked to Amsterdam this month please bestow all your wisdom on Amsterdam on me

    Which coffee shops should i go to? , should i watch out for anything? any strains i absolutely have to try? good food? e.c.t

    Also this kids brother is coming i don't even know why and hes like 17 i think will he have any trouble getting served in the coffee shops? he looks like 18-19 and most of us are from 18-22

  2. I don't think that you have to worry if they don't card at the door, one of you guys can just buy. You have to see the torture museum and eat some of the dutch food, that stuff's good.
  3. theres a lot of amsterdam threads on here where you could get advice about the best shops.

    as for the younger kid whos going i would imagine that it he looks the same age as everyone else and he doesnt actually buy any bud he'll be fine. my friend who went said he was only carded a few times and it was always at the register
  4. Smoke ALOT of weed
    And buy some pieces to bring back
  5. barneys breakfast bar was one of my favorites, grey area was great as well. Barneys had volcanoes on most of the tables and had reallly good milkshakes, nice hash too. Grey area had some AMAZING chocolope and really nice super silver. heres a pretty good guide on a lot of really good coffee shops, i went to a bunch on the list but they didnt stand out as much. Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory - Best
  6. Definatlley hit up barneys like the guy above said, the volcanoes on the tables is good, and also they seem to have every years cannabis cup winner till like 2002.

    The place is amazing so many coffee shops

    Also me and my three mates got id'd every coffee shop we went into they wouldnt even talk to us if we didnt have id
  7. Use protection.
  8. Barneys and Grey Area are definitely worth going too. One of my personal favorites is Dampkring. Make sure to pet the chill ass cat in there when you go in. Also, the Rokery down near the Leidseplein is pretty chill as well, as far as atmosphere goes. Also, for food purposes, I highly recommend Walk to Wok. Dank ass chinese take out. Very good when stoned.
  9. My advice is don't just do the coffeeshops, go to the musems, bars, see the sights, music shows, walk around the entire city, etc. You can take a short train ride to other cities like Utrecht, and there's coffeeshops there also (well there were when I was there). Most of all, enjoy it!
  10. The girls are hot, until you look at their teeth, and smell their cootch.
  11. yeah, definitely checking out other cities nearby is cool. When I was there I went to Rotterdam and Leiden. Leiden has a cool coffeeshop that sells some dank stuff for a lot cheaper then Amsterdam prices. It's called Coffeeshop Double A. It's in the city center. The Heineken brewery tour is cool, the Rijksmuseum is cool if you're into classic paintings. The Van Gogh museum is a must as well. Take some magical truffles which you can buy at smart shops and lose yourself in Van Gogh's crazy ass shit. Also, renting a paddle boat and riding around the canals stoned is cool too.
  12. Thanks guys so far

    How much weed money would you bring for a weeks trip? i know this varies between person to person so i guess just say what you would bring,
  13. [ame=]YouTube - OFFICIAL AMSTERDAM CANNABIS GUIDE 2011[/ame]
    Guide to amsterdam :D
  14. all about the edibles man, i havent been in a very long time but when i went the one thing i loved, was just the open, almost "rasta" way of life, people were just so much cooler, it was no big deal to just be walking in a crowded area of night clubs, and stop and chat with other groups of people, talk to random girls, oh my god and the girls there.. that russian spy accent (the ones who speak a bit of english) i love that place...

    but yeah, they edibles, is where it's at there, well besides the amazing pot of course, and the club life....
  15. Ty totally getting into some brownies and stuff.
  16. Hi, have you left on your trip yet? If you don't want to limit your visit to Amsterdam
    consider coming to the real countryside! See my introduction for more details.

    Shoestring budget no problem, garden room available trading stay for a little help in the garden, we'll work something out
  17. Don't leave...

    That's a good tip.. Stay in Amsterdam.
  18. Try Wok to Walk for food, its near the Liedlesplien,
    Get a tram card that runs for the amount of time your there,
    Grasshopper is a good coffeeshop, expensive but nice smoke,
    Alot of places will ask for ID


    Peace..have fun ;]
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    Make sure to visit the red light district ( ;

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