Going through some shitty times as of late.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dserge, May 25, 2009.

  1. Here is my situation I hope someone reads all of this I need to get it out and get some legit advice here.

    Ok well about 5 months ago life was 100% normal.

    I had my job that I went to everyday. My close group of friends that I hung out with every single day.
    Had an amazing girlfriend that I spent time with every night. (Trophy wife material).Was smoking having a hell of a time.

    Then it came time to move from Wyoming to Texas. Now at first I was really excited for this all. Was thinking now is my time to really get out and meet some killer people. Smoke some killer herb. Meet really attractive girls and just have a good time...But that all seems to be an illusion that has been built up about city life...

    Now here I am. Have lived in the City for 5 months and everything sucks.

    Now I haven't myself changed I don't think.
    I have met a lot of people around here by going to car meets etc. Even came across some real cuties. But it just seems like everyone here is stuck up there own ass so far they won't even say "hey" or 'Hi" to you.

    I even have gotten a few girls numbers but hardly get a response if I txt them or anything.
    Now I seems like every guy I meet thinks that I am just the shit..I have a cool car, good at drinking games, very athletic...Carry a decent level of intelligence..above average I would say.

    The problem comes to girls. All of them seem to be alcohol obsessed and ecstasy fiends. To me this is a huge turn off and I won't even want to talk to a girl like that.

    Or they wont even talk to me at all. They just are totally stuck up and cunts about someone saying "hey" to them.

    What the fuck is wrong? Am I over analyzing the situation?

    Not to mention I got invited to beer pong tonight and have no gas or cash. FUCK THIS.

    Now in the past I didn't have any problems getting girls where I used to live.. Would just pick them out and knock them down. Just seems like here I cannot get a girl even remotely
    interested...Which really gets annoying..and if I do I realize they aren't hot enough for my standards and can it. There has to be someone out there that can help me get out of this recent funk I have been in....

    And this has all happened in an optimal situation for picking up women. Hanging out with guys and the friends they have as girls so I was part of the "click" so to speak... Not just randomly saying hey to cute girls that I see...although I have never tried that approach.

    At this point the only thing keeping me going is smoking weed.
  2. Yea i feel ya. Me and my girlfriends relationship sucks and im out of weed. :( i cant re-up either. Shitty times.
  3. Welcome to Texas. :wave:

    Most people here are assholes for no reason, but a small percentage are pretty cool.
  4. dude texas is cool once you meet the pot head chicks than life is good
  5. i feel ya man thats pritty shitty... times are rough you just gotta hold your head up it'll get better... just think there is som1 else in a worse situation then you.. just be happy for what you have things will get better
  6. No offense, but I see you complaining about the girls being stuck up their own ass when honestly, you seem kind of stuck up your own ass too. Maybe thats your problem?
  7. Haha well where would one go to meet pot head chicks?
  8. uh lol dunno talk to pot heads around school and ask if they know any chicks who smoke on the daily or at least once a week or maybe your pot head chick friend is sitting right behind you in math haha happened to me
  9. What do you drive?
  10. i hear ya brother. ill give ya some quick advice weather u wanna hear it or not

    everyone is gunna go thru tough shit like this n u just gotta bulldog your way thru it. dont think about it, cuz the more u think about it the mroe things will go wrong. just remember that at the end of the day, ur still alive n healthy, and things can only go up from this point on
  11. i belive that you problem is that you are in texas and that means you are closer to this

  12. Nah he's in Buffalo now

  13. damn your right...well they still have the rest of that piece of shit they call a team
  14. Dump Romo and the coach and they'll be peachy.
  15. why we talking about sports on here i thought this was a weed place?
  16. oh sorry my b...i was just remarking on the fact that he lives in texas is probably why he has been going through shitty times....its just my deep seaded hate for the cowboys
  17. haha just wonderin and yes the cowboys blow
  18. Maybe you're looking in all the wrong places my friend...
  19. Exactly.


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