going straight to 12/12

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  1. what happens?
  2. lol. buds begin to form if female, they get bigger over the coming 6-14 weeks. think you need to do a bit of reading, don't mind helping but you will find yourself asking 101 questions
  3. I think he meant if straight to 12/12 from sprout? If so, from what I've read, your plants will grow just fine and get to a certain height and then just flower, in a month or two. So if you skip veg, your plants will stay small but so will your yield.
  4. Basically, without a period of vegetative growth your plants will be tiny and so will your yield.
  5. you really felt the need to make two threads about this? :smoking:
  6. Read up on SOG...
  7. there is two schools of thought on this... i resereched it after i read another question.... some believe you can only get miniscule amounts of bud this way... some believe you can get 1 dry gram per watt of light going 12/12 seed to harvest... read up on it... i'm going to try my next plant 12/12 start to finish....
  8. fair play for researching, but can assure you it will be a waste of your time/money/seeds:D
  9. I believe it would behave like an auto-flowering strain, and grow to a certain size, and produce bud al at the same time.
  10. Even green house seeds veg the plant to a foot - foot and a half before switching over.

    Neat vid btw. They give all of the relevant data as they go along.
  11. thanx for the advice... maybe someday i'll let you say "told ya so" lol but i will let you know if that happens...lol

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