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  1. Hi
    I decided that I want to go with a soil setup. I am getting ready to buy everything, and ran into the question of what nutrients should i get. Planning on buying Fox Farms ocean mix for medium.
    Also what do you think about grow bags? Is there any reason to NOT get them?

  2. As long as the bags are perforated they will be fine. Ocean mix is amazing!! Fox farm nutes are really good too I use that soil with fox farm trio pack the one with big bloom tiger and grow big. Works like a charm. They are really good!
  3. You ever thought about growing organically? Not only would you be helping saving the world, you'll also save some money in the long run.

    Bottled nutrients costs a bit. My grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom were about $20 each. Not including other supplements (superthrive, b-1, etc..). After a few grows, shit adds up.(not anymore since i went organic. My most expensive fertilizer was like $7.. And they'll last you forever!)
    Not to mention that you have to adjust your ph every single time you feed. You get sick of it after a while, trust. With a healthy organic soil, all you need is water. The soil will do everything for you. There's also no need for flushing come harvest. What's even cooler is that once you've harvested, you can reuse the soil for your next grow! And the grow after that, and that, and so on.

    Spend some time in the organics section, you won't regret it. There are tons of information and friendly people that will help you there. Swear.
  4. When I used FFOF and the trio, I always added dolomite lime ($4, home depot) to my soil. PH stayed at 6.4-6.6 from day one to harvest, no problem.

    I use the organic method now, getting the same yields with less work. Check the last page of my journal for my soil recipe.
  5. I have never had a ph problem. I use regular ocean forest soil and those nutes and don't nettle with it at all. I only add perilite to it. My trio set was also only $30 online. It came with all three bottles. I never use anything but those two things and just feed straight water 2 weeks before harvest. Not knocking organic growing at all. More power to you. Just throwing my 2 cents out there a big bag of ocean forest is also $13 online so my soil and nutes that last me at least 2 grows costs me only $45 max
  6. Yea, it all comes down to your preference. Any method can work well, but the best methods are the ones that work well for you. I love organics because it requires the least amount of responsibility and work from me. Sure, FF trio is easy to use, but it's an unnecessary step IMO.

    I'd never recommend that a new grower dive into the FF line without a ph meter, it's necessary until you get dialed in, if only as a diagnostic tool for potential problems. That being said, I haven't used my hanna in years, lol.
  7. I think that I will try the fox farms first and after a few runs will try organic. So do I need to mix anything with the ocean soil, or is good to go right out of the bag?
  8. Add some perlite.
  9. what ratio?
  10. About 20-30%.
  11. Thank you!! Now i am off to get :smoking:

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