Going Out To Eat Stoned With My Family

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  1. As long as they're paying, go to town bruh. Fuck it, just say you worked up an appetite.

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    Lol indeed. I am one of those guys. 29 soon enough and live with my folks. Being a grown man who is on the lease I am also free to do what I want. I however don't smoke in the main parts of the house during the day usually just out of respect but hiding the fact that I'm high isn't something that happens. It's been a day or so, so my memory of the OP is tainted but I thought he was having some sort of mandatory family time and riding in the back seat of the car. I dunno, sounds more like something my son wouldn't be able to get out of not me.

    Wasn't knocking him for being under 21 if he is, implying that he was even under 18, or for being at home, some of our old Tymers need looked after. I couldn't even understand what the problem could possibly be. Mexican restaurants while high are a wonderful time. Hug it out?
  3. I know right :smoke:
    Oh my god I died hahaha

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