Going Out To Eat Stoned With My Family

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  1. I thought that they were going out for a few hours to oft so they leave I rip my big like 3 bowls and then they Come home and surprise me. I hid all my stuff and got away with it buy now I'm baked as fuck around my whole family and headed to a Mexican restaurant. I was also caught smoking recently so my Dad had been extra suspicious. I'm praying I make it through this. One love guys
  2. What happened?
  3. holy shit tht sucks big time. good luck op
  4. Sounds good to me...just take a breath, relax and enjoy it.
    I would put in some eye drops and prepare to munch on some delicious mexican style food.
    :smoke:  :cool:
  5. Take a quick bath next time something like this happens. It really helps. And pour gallons of water in your eyes.
  6. 1. No matter what, refuse all the food and say that you don't really have an appetite. This is going to be difficult, but you must stay strong. This will throw them off the scent.
    2. Order pitcher after pitcher of margaritas, and proceed to slam them.
    3. Chalk any strange behavior up to aforementioned margaritas.
    4. Once you get home, go smoke again, and then steal all of their leftovers. 
  7. I've done it a few times and always had a great time.  I used to be stoned so often around my family that they didn't even know the difference
  8. Yeah that is really the ultimate solution here. Never let them see you not stoned.  :smoke:
  9. Yep.  I've tried that misdirection routine you mentioned before too haha.  I just really like eating :yummy:
  10. my mom thinks that weed takes away appetite. ahaha
  11. I don't understand why everyone is always so paranoid when stoned around their parents. I'm stoned around them all the time and they never notice :d
  12. Fun
    No seriously it's fun

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  13. Yeah I don't ever worry around my family or parents, the only problem though is stoner breath. If I'm talking a lot I feel like they can smell it and if I don't talk I get wicked cotton mouth. I know I can just chew gum, but I can't all the time. I do try to always keep a drink with me.

  14. tell them that you've been seriously contemplating dads advice, and that now is the first time they've seen you sober in a while
  15. Lucky ass..
  16. Best times man. Love being stoned around my parents
  17. i eat a brownie in the morning because i was going to hangout with my friends all day and i had about four more brownies right after i eat the whole brownie my dad come into my room and says "change of plans first its forced family time for breakfast " and leaves i put on my sunglasses and just strut out to the car
  18. Im always high around my parents but i have my card so they dont care

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  19. What about the OP made you think he must be over 21? Lol
  20. What about it makes you think he must be under 21? Lots of people over 21 live with their families.
    And, at the risk of blowing your mind too much in one post, in most states it is actually legal to drink with your parents while you're under 21. In 11 of these, you can even do it at a bar or restaurant if you choose. These aren't just all bumfuck bible belt states with no population either. Texas has a law like this, as do New York, Nevada, Ohio, etc. 

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