Going Old School

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  1. Alright so the first time I smoked with some of my good friends we went to the park at night and just hung out there rapping haha. We were having a pretty good time when I then needed to go to the bathroom.

    When I got there I did the usual thing you know, and we were all pretty high off our asses, so while i was taking a piss I remembered about the movie old school where he gets naked and goes streaking on the road by himself.

    So since i'm so stupid i got undressed and left my clothes in the bathroom while running out naked in the middle of the park trying to give my friends a good laugh and a good memory of our first time (together as a bunch) smoking together (pretty stupid now that i look back at it haha). It was all good, they were rapping and laughing their asses off and i decided it was time to put my clothes back on since it was pretty cold.

    When i went back to the door i decided again to make it funny and pretend that the door was locked, it wasn't though, so i did and once again it was hilarious. But suddenly the door did lock and i began to freak out. It was like a straight decline on my high haha.

    I got the shit scared out of me when i couldn't open the door, i began to freak out insanely. all my stuff was in there, everything. So all my friends began to think of a way to get my stuff back, i couldn't go home naked, my parents would freak out and they'd figure what went on that night.

    So even though we were all seriously stoned we eventually got it all back. It took forever since we couldn't think right haha. They broke off a tree branch and pulled all my stuff out through a tiny hole in the wall. before that i was crying and praying to God to help me, that's how scared i was, sitting in the cold in the fetal position rocking myself back and forth.

    This is getting pretty long but if any of you know the feeling you get when shit goes to shit you know exactly how i felt and what i went through, especially when you're high. I love my friends for that so much haha, that's my little story haha.
  2. +rep for your stupidity. Ever find out how the door locked itself???
  3. haha i agree

    i guess the guy that locks the doors didn't shut the door and i did haha
  4. hahaha dude i remember that night
    it was crazy insane

    u still owe me for saving ur ass haha

    the door was already locked but when he went in the door wasnt closed all the way so it opened and when he came out and the door closed all the way it locked
  5. Damn... At least you got your clothes back, if you didn't it would be catastrophic
  6. yeah i owe him my life haha

    yeah my nice warm jacket was good be in once again
  7. haha soo
    this is getting lame now
  8. dude such good times
    especially wen we got lost in the complex haha

  9. we got lost in the complex?
  10. yeah its me and yeah remember that one complex next to the park
    and then we went in for i forgot watever reason for
    but all the houses look alike

  11. hahahahha ooh yeah man
    that was chill
  12. HAHAHAHA dude thats hilarious, maybe im just really high but thats funny
  13. haha dude it is really funny
    but if u were there it would b extremly funny

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