Going Nuts on Crystal Meth

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  1. I wonder if anyone can help me? I'm currently writing a piece of fiction where a character loses control and becomes psychotic, ripping up his room, etc. I have a lead in where the character has been doing speed/weed/salvia for a few days, gets into trouble with welfare, runs out of money and gets more and more angry, thus resorting to CM as a release. Would a bad setting, loss of sleep over previous days and his anger be enough to push him over the edge on his first use of CM? How do you think the anger and the CM would mix, would the high pull him out of it - or make it worse?

    Any help appreciated:)

  2. he would be RAGIN ON MOTHERFUCKERS!

    well, maybe not. but probably. meth makes you think way too fast.. and too much. for me the paranoia from it was just from thinking too much about meaningless shit.
  3. Very interesting, I would really enjoy reading this when you finish, or even reading the work in progress if you are ok with that. Sorry but I have no experience with meth :)
  4. i think you have to hit an all time low to want to try that shit. or maybe you're character is just some crazy ass muhfucka, which i guess he is the way you wrote it out.

    maybe have the story turn out 'requiem for a dream' style. keep going down the dark side, turn out all sorts of fucked up

  5. I'd be happy to pass it your way, it's part of a novel I've been working on, but I have to warn you it's very British, along the lines of 'Ideal' and 'Early Doors', TV shows over here. I normally write non-fiction books on meditation/psychology/mentalism.etc, so I may or may not be any good at writing fiction, but it seems to be going well so far. Despite the way it sounds it's actually a comedy with an underlying 'horror' back story involving the character above. Most people (including the two cops who are the main characters) regularly use weed, and a high eventually helps one of the cops solve a murder.

  6. Before he goes crazy with anger, he has to go crazy with paranoia. It's what meth does. I know a dude who locked himself in his room, boarded his windows, and stood for hours by his door with a pair a scissors waiting for someone.
  7. i think with all the shit thats gone down so far with the character if he did a larger than recommended dose the first time(s) it would push him over the edge...i kno that i tore up my room because it was too clean and i NEEDED to do something so i tore it up JUST to clean it...:rolleyes:
  8. Homework: Read "Requiem for a Dream" for some insight and information relevant to your story.
  9. go to erowid.com and go to the experience vault
    theres like a shitload of experiences and stuff, and theyre actually really interesting
    i read this one this girl wrote, and it was insane, it should have been published it was so intense
  10. you should have him doing pcp instead lol that would be nuts
  11. You might want to pick a different drug than crystal meth to have a character flip out on... Common misconception about meth is that it makes you rage... maybe if you've been doing it straight for the past 2 weeks and suddenly run out you might break some shit... But you're not going to start tearing shit down after you take a couple hits of meth, quite the opposite
  12. do you think pcp would be good? or a very hard trip gone wrong?
  13. Either, PCP... while having the same kind of bad rap at meth... still would be an infinitely better drug to have someone start raging on. I could also see a mushroom trip that slowly but painfully magnifies all the things he's been feeling and going through the past couple of days work too.. Slowly push him to a breaking point

    But I'm sorry, I hope you're a good writer because it would take one hell of one to make this concept even slightly interesting and not come off incredibly stilted and inept.
  14. Ahhh, now, mushrooms could be better, PCP isn't so common here in the UK with on the street dealers.

    I wouldn't make any great claims to my writing skills anywhere but in non-fiction, where I do quite well - two of my books are key titles within their fields. I hope I may be able to do this justice, but if not, it's an interesting learning experience.


  15. Ahh, thanks this is what I hoped someone might say. My only experience of CM here is via the anti-drug sites and Erowid, etc, where it comes across as creating anger pretty much within the first couple of sessions - but that sounded a little bit extreme and I did wonder if it that would come about through more continual use. Good, now I can use mushrooms instead, they're far easier to get a hold of here:) Anything particularly whacky you know about?

    Thanks a lot to everyone who posted above by the way. If you disagree with what we're saying now and think the circumstances would make him kick off, then do say.

  16. swap crystal meth with stella artois

    sorted ;) rage tooo fuck
    wifebeater glug glug glug
  17. !!:) Strangely, I've already given him the Stella habit:)

  18. probably raging for overpaying

    Rage Hard = [​IMG]

    Rage Ugly = [​IMG]
  19. Is it a short story? Maybe I can share with you my own true life story about the past two months.

    I'm on the brink of mental collapse. Financial issues created lots of stress, which in turn creates anxiety. Family and friends were no help. Stress and anxiety have caused me to stop sleeping (I get maybe 12 or 15 hours a week). I haven't been eating much. I'm desparately grabbing at anything I can to get back on my feet, but at the end of every day I am demoralized by the military institution I attend, tired but can't sleep, hungry but don't have access to food, and its like I'm trapped and there's no way out.

    Things have gotten worse over a period of weeks and months, not days. Drugs are only a temporary relief, they will never pull you out of a problem. Some drugs (like LSD or psylocybin) can help, but you need the set and setting to make it happen. Without the will to get better, nothing will change. Despite knowing this, sometimes its hard to even leave my room. If I do get sleep I don't have the will to even get out of bed. My sense of humor is still there (but then again I've always been a sick fuck when it comes to humor).

    Days blend together. I can't distinguish between things that happened today and yesterday. Monday feels like it was last evening, but its friday. All obligations cease to have any importance once basic things like eating and sleeping become difficult. I tend to shut people out of my life; talking with family only worsens the situation, and when I talk to friends I just feel like I'm nagging.

    The thought of suicide was in the back of my mind once or twice, but what little will I have left (or what little I am utilizing) does not find that an acceptable solution. In the end, you need the will to want to change to bring yourself out of a rut. Where you find that little exra bit of willpower you didn't know existed depends on your own personality.

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