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Going insane!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dottumblrdotcom, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Okay, I'm doing Summer school for my English because I'm horrible at English (at least, when I'm sober...) but I have a big problem: my dad's an asshole.
    He completely fucked up the way I did homework since 9th grade and punished me when I did it my way. That retard made my grade go from 4.0 to a 2.0 gpa throughout the years in high school. I used to smoke weed to tolerate my dad. Actually, I just abused stuff. Can't go in depth because that's against the rules on this forum, but I can assure you it wasn't anything serious, and I only started doing things in my junior year, and started smoking weed near the end of my senior year. Well, he screams at me daily over stupid shit, like forgetting to wash a cup he left in the basement (which I never even go in). He once almost kicked me out of school because I didn't iron my shirt for school...
    I have a shitload of ticks that I'm almost certain he had a part in causing. I have OCD, feel awkward in large gatherings of people (sober), and various other things. I'd like some tips on how to tune this guy out for a few months, and then I'll be in the clear. Right now, I'm trying not to feel depressed all day. Once the summer's over I'll pick up smoking again for sure since my dad is a salesman, and will frequently be taking trips to Canada, Ohio, and other nearby states. I play music very loud to keep all distracting sounds inaudible, which, I know, sounds counter-productive (my dad tells me this all the fucking time). I believe that hearing sounds that you are familiar with aren't distracting like my dad's random tapping, singing, noise-making, etc. He has untreated ADHD.
    I have another tick where I can't focus at all if another person is in the room or talking. My dad is oblivious to this. I'm playing music loud enough to make the windows shake! I need to know how to tune people out, cuz I suck at it. Got any advice?
    P.S.: Sorry if my post is horribly organized. I'm terrible at asking questions with background. ADHD with a really strange nervous feeling right now...
    Oh and do you have any advice on how to smoke around his schedule? He works 8AM-5PM and comes home for lunch whenever
  2. Honestly when stuff like that happens to me. I find it funny. Like "you're gonna get mad over a cup?, hahaha" I don't get mad at stuff like that anymore. It's a waste of time in your life.
  3. Just laugh at him for getting so mad, and tell him that he gets too mad at simple things.

    My dad does that too.

    Sometimes it's infuriating.

    He almost got me killed because of his random ass bitching.

    Fucking stupid shit.
  4. Yeah. I definitely wont laugh at him. He also is paranoid that everything I do is subcontiously done to piss him off. He accuses me of slamming the door on him every day too because one door closes fast because it's uneven...

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