Going From Seedling Directly Into Flowering

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  1. hi, I been growing for several years indoors, I was basically taught from a friend, anyway he always said to start to flower a regular  marijuana plant when it reaches 12 inches tall, my question is: can you start flowering from the seedling stage or when the plant gets 2 or 3 nodes on it, meaning 2 or 3 sets of started branches, anyone doing this or has done it before, I would love to here your experience, or if it can or cant be done   thank you :hello:

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    yea you can there was a 12/12 from seed thread on here..most recommend at least a 2 week veg to get roots established but you dont have to
    yeh its call a sog, you can have 100 plants under a 600w in 1ltr pots and pull a very large yeild
  4. you can flip whenever you want, but the plant will not go into flowering until it's sexually mature, and that will not happen any faster by running 12/12. In fact, due to less light, the plant will grow more slowly and take longer to mature, so you're really slowing yourself down not hurrying it up.
  5. yes its all possible, it all determines on preference..
    how YOU would like to go about with your plant
    i cant give you some feedback, because i always veg for 6 weeks plus for my clones of the motherplant
    and been veging this mother of theirs for like.. aha maybe 3 months now...thinking about putting her in my flowering room but probably not
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    There's a lot of growers that do take a few hundred cutting and place them in trays, root and flower.
    they put one lot under a table and the other lot under the light and swap every 12 hours
    so in the space of 1m x 1m x 2m you can have double the yeild, but as well there's no veg time, a sog give you the best yeild 
    you realy could pull over 16 oz's each crop, so 35 oz's from a set up like this, happens often
  8. there's no veg time per se, but it's going to take 1-3 weeks for your cuts to grow roots, then another week or two to get them well rooted in the transplanted medium
  9. the main proble is a large veg room with a 400w mh and keeping the mother looking healhy and bushy (need a lot of cuttings)
    if you have a good set up, you can root cuttings in 2 weeks and repot for a week in the 1ltr pots
    to start the plant off and flower
    but a normal grow you will be looking
    2 weeks to root and 4 weeks+ before you flower so it save 3 weeks or more
  10. Sea of green involves going to 12/12 straight from seed or after only a very short veg time, but growing straight to flowering is not the definition of a SOG. SOG is a specific technique that puts many plants, crowded together, into 12/12 from seed all at once, in order to create a dense, even canopy of tops. You can grow a single plant 12/12 straight from seed and it wouldn't be a SOG.
    The reason to give a plant a veg period is to create more budsites for when it is in flower -- the longer the veg period the more branches and thus the more budsites. Training techniques like LST, scrog, topping, and fimming can optimize this further, given the time to do so.
    If you grow a plant 12/12 straight from seed you are cutting down your turnaround time but also cutting way back on the yield potential per plant. Those last words are important, per plant, because with a SOG you address that by packing many tiny plants together.
    Basically, if you have 4 plants in a scrog that each have 30 tops then you have a screen filled with 120 tops. If you do a SOG with 120 plants then you have about the same area as that scrog, also covered in 120 tops. Yield per sq ft of grow space can be about the same. The real difference is that one took a longer time to have all those tops grow out on a small number of plants, each with a big, developed root system, while the other approach took a shorter amount of time to have all those tops on a large number of plants with small root systems.
    If you're growing from seed then a SOG can eat you alive on costs, you are better to veg out a smaller number of plants. If you clone then a SOG can get you finished faster with a greater number of smaller plants.
  11. If your only getting 1lb per sqmtr...........
  12. And no grower with a brain in their head does SoG from seed. Not fucking one.
     This post is unneeded, your post is aggressive and a very good example of how a troll would write a post
    I agrea you need some roots and a week in veg before flowering, Its the best way to do a sog.
    try and keep your posts, kind and in a positive manner to help growers
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    Give a care less what you think .........the world aint made of shiny happy people, and the internet is part of the world, grow a thicker skin

    It has shit to do with root size, and all to do with sexual maturity. The fucking plants will not flower for at least 21 days....they have to produce the hormones. And they ain't doing that till sexaully mature.


    Its counter productive to the short turn around time needed to make SoGs effective.

    EDIT: besides...... @ 5$ a piece for fem'd beans( the cheap ones at that), it is also wastefull.

    Also half the benefits of SoG are lost once the randomness of genetics are tossed into the mix. one of the cornerstones of a successful SoG is a homogenous crop, that is lost when using seeds( double or triple the hassles the cheaper the seeds are too BTW) 
    Plants do not get big enough to benefit a tap root either in a SoG.
    any thing else?
  15. I get a few problems in the "real world" but have got no problems on here
    if it makes you feel better to have a go, fill free, I can sit back and laugh

    you are proble a little man with lots of "real world problems"
    so going on this site, taking the piss make you feel a little better
    and helps you deal with your "real word" problems

    I come on this site to help fellow growers and enjoy talking about growing weed :)
  16. Can't win the argument? So attack the poster.......

    Yet I'm the troll?

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    Can't we all just get abong? But thanks for this, it answered my question enough that I am going to look further into this!

  18. Oh, and btw, as a gardener with a green thumb, plants do have to have good roots to deliver water and nutrients...that goes for all plants. But as for MJ, maturity does play a role as well...


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    you are sounding like a newbie
     50 high qualty stable feminised seeds just under £160 and great for a sog under a 600w hps
    the advantage of sog is you don't need 3 weeks in veg
    just need them to root and a single week in veg, you save yourself a few weeks in veg
    a small price for a quick havest
    1oz cost me £200 to buy
    sog does work and reduces the total time needed from seed to havest
    and will give the same yeild or higher
    just can't see the point your trying to make

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