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  1. Its been 3 weeks since I have had any smoke.  its hard to get right now here in NC its dry.  Unless you want to spend $200 a quarter and I cant afford that!!! So I AM GOING NUTS RIGHT NOW WANTING SOME SMOKE!!!!!!

  2. Fuck that I haven't paid over 70 a quo in ages
  3. you need a snickers
  4. A Snickers, A fatty and A strong drink!!!! 
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  5. Is why I am trying to grow some with an AeroGarden Extra I won playing online bingo but they are still small!!!
  6. Dam man 3 weeks? It's only been 4 days for me goin on 5 and my guy is still dry.That fucking sucks man...but look on the bright side your tolerance wont be as high and you'll get fucked up.
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  7. That's what I am praying for but it may be over another month before I can find some that I can afford or till my plants produce!!!!
  8. Go to the local 7/11 or gas station and stereotype the shit out of people until you find someone to sell you a sack
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  9. [SUB]where at in Carolina ? East ? West ? mountains or the beach?  The people need to know  :)[/SUB]
    [SUB]ive never had a problem " getting it " . its the prices that are horrendous ![/SUB]
  10. yall are getting taxed hard af
  11. Totally get where your coming from. Also been sober 3 weeks. Just moved to ND and can't find any smoke! Think I'm losing my mind. Sorry to hear that someone else is also going through this. Hope you find something affordable soon!

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  12. Sounds like you are jonesing hard for quantity first over quality. $20 is $20 anywhere and if you can't cop a dub you just ain't looking hard enough for some weed.

    Try not to look/sound so desperate as that smell reeks and any weed smoker or dealer would know right away...
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  13. Ya been out for bout 3 weeks myself. After the first week it isn't so bad.

    But it's to the point I broke down and am smoking some 10yr ol' ano cured stuff while awaiting my harvest in a couple weeks
  14. Are you desperate? :unsure: Then repeat this mantra THREE TIMES, either aloud or invoked silently within the temple mind:

    Om! Hari ganja, om...!
    Om! Hari ganja, om...!
    Om! Hari ganja, om...!

    Three times. :mellow: Then wait for weed...to come...to YOU.
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  15. need weed.gif
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  16. Geez..when I went to school at U of M..weed was all over the place..Errr ..that was back in the 60's though..WTF happened??
  17. At least from my experience it seems that the old times were the better times...I'm only going on 35 but I've seen a lot of change in our society since I was a kid. Just my 2¢
  18. I live in NC, not an issue at all for me.

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  19. Anyone having an issue with the cost or sourcing cannabis should grow your own. Plus the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you are smoking is very nice.

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