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  1. Hey GC :wave::smoke:

    I am back for another run. I was not happy with my last result and changed to Coco and to my old box that needs a couple of upgrades.

    I have a NL 24/0 cycle, and a clone from when I first topped. The clone is alive but no roots yet.

    I will plant the Critical in a couple of days. I'm trying to master the skill with the northern, then do critical with lst, MicroGrower method.

    I'm having trouble posting the pic, I will try later.:smoke:
  2. As promised

    I was thinking cutting 3 more tops to even out the canopy. This is my first mom so I need all the help i can get.

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  3. Hey all

    I decided to top and transplant my NL. I took 4 more clones. One of them I'd looking pretty good already.

    I still need to work on the Top part of the cab to install my 400 hps. I,m leaning toward a sog. Let see what I end up doing.




  4. Hey gcrs

    I got great news, the clone from my first topping had some nice roots. I planted it on a party cup. It will go soon enough for 12/12 to find out the sex.

    I decided to try out some lst, using rubber band and binders clip. Let see how it will react to it.

    M mother seem to have had a rough time with the nutes I was giving. I decided to back up on the nute, gave it a flush with flora clean and use 300 ppms 6/9 micro bloom and 3 ml calmag.





    This is it for now.
  5. Quick update

    I got 3 more clones that will root a copule day from now. Also my LSt is not looking that bad.

    I started working on my flower cab. The hood was too big and I took out the socket. It is hanging vertically from the top of the box. I will do a hole beside it where my 400cfm exhaust will do the pulling.
    I will frame the box for a back panel and front door to make it air tight.

    Soon everything will be ready for my SOG.

    I will post pic later, I am having trouble uploading pics.
  6. Pics time



    These are my clones



    They should finish rooting in a couple of days



    And my clone that already planted has not shown much growth





    I like how my mom is looking so far. Training her has been a cool task. Can't wait to try it on the critical.
  7. I started to work on my flower cab. had to eliminate the hood since it was too big. Te hps bulb is hanging from the ceiling and I am planning on doing a the hole for the intake right beside the lamp.

    I partially framed the cab inside to be able to place a door. When fully framed the cab will be completely sealed. The veg and flower cab will have separate ventilation.

    400hps hood

    Partial frame


    Future exhaust (left corner)


    Light turned on dimmed to 250hps


    Veg cab intake and outtake pc fans



    This is a work in progress. I welcome any recommendation.

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  8. NO FEEDBACK!!!!?????????

    Any questions in-particular?
  9. [quote name='"MicroGrower420"']NO FEEDBACK!!!!?????????

    Any questions in-particular?[/QUOTE]

    Lol your thread got hijacked
  10. [quote name='"MicroGrower420"']NO FEEDBACK!!!!?????????

    Any questions in-particular?[/QUOTE]

    I'm trying to follow your guide on bonsais. I just wanted to make sure I was not screwing something up.

    My main concern is my lst technique and maybe why the clones are so slow. Thanks for showing up to my new journal.
  11. Have you been keeping a good RH% for your clones?
  12. [quote name='"MicroGrower420"']Have you been keeping a good RH% for your clones?[/quote]

    I guess not. Rh in the veg cab is around 40%. I just don't know what to do to raise it, without affecting the mother.
  13. You don't have a dome for the clones?

    The reason they are slowed is because you need at least 80% RH
  14. How can i adapt a dome for my cloner?
  15. just get a tub that is about the same size as the cloner and spray the inside of it then flip it upside down over the cloner. That should suffice.
  16. Hey gcrs

    Things are running smoothly for now. I keep training the mother adjusting the bands every couple days and I really like how it looks.

    The first clone that I planted is starting to show some growth. I've been a little lazy with finding a dome for my cloner but one of them the skinny small one is showing roots.

    Here are some pics.

    View attachment 773258







    I have germinating the critical+ which should be ready to plant in a couple of days.

    I was wondering, should I put my plant to flower, and keep the clone, and the critical for mothers?

    I think that way I will have a harvest before I start my SOG. I'm still thinking about it.

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  17. what have you been feeding your mother plant she looks a little underfed.
  18. I've been feeding her , 5ml calmag per g, 6/9ml micro bloom pr gallon. It makes my ppms go all the way up to 1,400. The I dilluted the water to 600 ppms.

    I thought they they were overfed like 2 weeks ago when I watered her @800 ppms. So I flushed her with florakleen I started feeding about 400ppms.

    I do have a cheap ppm meter which can be giving me crazy numbers.

    What sings of underfeeding you see so I can spot them and prevent it in the future?
  19. I can see a small amount of yellowing towards the top and decent amount of yellowing out on the bottom leaves.

    You don't have use any "Grow" Nutrients? Only Bloom and Micro as base nutrients? Can you post what you use if you haven't already done so..

    A mother plant needs good doses of Grow, Calcium, and Micro

    Usually more micro then anything else because all the LST and chopping done frequently.

    I grow more in soil though, which differs from coco in some ways.

    But really you have nothing to worry about because the new growth looks fine, I was just curious. I would keep a eye on her though if she progresses in any way.

    Usually what I do is red tag some leave and check those same leave daily to see if there is any progression. If there is progression I check my pH, if the pH is not the problem I just feed her.

    Sorry for the mini book sentence could have been shorter...hah:smoke:
  20. Thanks, and I don't mind the mini book sentence, more info for me and others.

    Well I'm using gh flora micro and flora bloom


    I'm not using flora gro because I read in a couple of thread that it wasn't needed when using head formula 6/9 instead of 5/5/5.

    I really thought that yellowing and spotting in the leave was due to high doses of nutes.


    I even back out from the nutes when saw the leaves started to curl a litlle bit. I've been checking her and it there is no progress or new leaves with that problem.


    Here is how things are looking now. I have one more clone in solo cup and the one in the cloner need maybe 2 more days.

    This are my clones from up close. Now I see notable growth each day.



    I like that the canopy looks pretty even so I will keep the lst going. I was wondering what to do with all the small growth going on inside the plant. Should I trim her and clean it up?



    And last but not least, my critical fem bean showing some tail.


    I want to flower very soon but I still haven't decided how. SOG or plant to flower cab and keep the clones. Which I only have 1 that looks like a decent mother. Until then I will keep working on my flower cab.

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