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  1. I have 6 plants in 5 gallon pots currently in full flower, day 14 of 12/12.

    I also have 3 really nice younger black Jack's in 1 gallon pots. The BJ's have been in the same tent with the other 6 girls on 12/12 for 2 weeks now, but are much younger. No signs of pistils from the BJ's and they are so nice that I'd like to transplant them into 5 gallons and put them back in 18/6 lighting.

    Can i put the younger blackjacks that have been in 12/12 with my main plants back into veg?


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  2. Yes.
    However, Some strains never really revert all the way and remain in a half flowered state from then on.
    Be aware reveg takes a while and it's actually faster to start new plants from seed and they will outgrow your reveg.
    The new growth will come in all strange with twisted leaves and odd single finger fans to begin. The old bud sites will explode into hyda heads and will need to be radically chopped back to a single new stalk.

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  3. So even though the plan ts havent even shown sex yet? They are still considered to be flowering ? Like I said they have been in 12/12 for 2 weeks now with my main plants. Would re vegging really cause problems considering sex hasnt even been shown yet?
  4. Yeah that'll be totally fine. Especially as it's so early in 12/12, you probably won't even notice any changes, it'll just carry on vegging
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  5. Ok I'll do it then. Because I wanted to mainline them
  6. I'm a bit worried now lol. So I went ahead and transplanted into 5 gallons. And mainlined them. I did notice a FEW PISTILS starting to come out.. I hope re vegging doesnt cause too much trouble... I'd like to veg these another 4 weeks before flowering again. I should have kept them separate from the 12/12 tent.
    Ps they were a bit droopy because today they are thirsty.
  7. BrassNWood is correct - it is MUCH faster to start new clones - even if you take them back it will take weeks to get them to a good point for re-bloom - I did it and still did not get a good return will never waste the time again just cut clones and start over - and leave the plant in bloom get what you can...
  8. Well I mean Its already been done. They've been mainlined and transplanted Into 5 gals. But like I had mentioned there were only a FEW small pistils showing so they werent that far into flowering.

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