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  1. Hey everybody! Well I'm making a choice to go back to college. Originally I had finished my first semester about a year ago but during my second I dropped out. Mostly because I was stressed going to school and working a part time job. I didn't see any of my friends which made it more miserable. I was alone.

    My life became all school in the day, work in the afternoon and by the time I made it home I was tired and didn't do any studying or homework. So I just left. Since my grades weren't progressing and I was a bit depressed. At the time my family moved to another state and I stayed with my grandparents. until I moved in with my parents after I dropped out.

    So here I am now working in a different state and want to go back. Majoring in the same subject but now I feel like I more motivated because I know I don't want to work a shitty job forever. And I can continue to have a formal education for my passion which is science!

    Have any of you gone back to school after leaving? Or have any advice? I would like to know how should I go about am choosing a new school?
    I appreciate all response and advice! Thanks! And stay blazed!

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  2. Good for you, man.
    I don't understand how people can do school full time and work a job on top of that. Depends on your course load and time management skills I guess. Maybe if you got a slack job on campus like in the weight room. Gotta have some free time to chillax.
    I am just finishing up my first semester back after four years out of university and loving it. What I would reccomend is change your time-wasting habits now, slowly until school starts. I mean you'll have a lot of free time outside of class and don't waste it playing video games too much or on the computer.
    for choosing school or program see a guidance counselor, do some personality and skills tests and tell them what interests you. good luck
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  3. If you really like science and find it even a tad interesting, look into geo;logical sciences. There are all kind of jobs with the energy companies as geologist. Pay is great too.
  4. I am going back to school right now. I have two diplomas and I'm finally going to get my degree. Feels good man. Been 2 years out of school working and shit. 
  5. I've already finished a semester. I'm going to continue with the same major which is botany.

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  6. Just dont be a gynecologist, 400 pound bearded zit farm woman with a yeast infection spread her twat in front of you and make you vomit.
  7. In someways, maybe you're the smartest of us all..

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  8. Just a nerd with a shitload of tattoos and a bunch of weed plants. :)
  9. Just think of the money... youre either wasting that money on no degree or getting one and making a profit with a good job. Good luck man.

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  10. College is a great foundation
  11. Great choice. Gotta love some plant science. Great jobs in that field too.
  12. Hey! Once I got out of high school I was working for this pizza place thinking that's what I wanted to do with my life. 5 years later I was still working there and hating it. Once I decided to back to school this semester everything changed! I decided to major in science too and I find school so fun! I never thought I'd ever go to college and people were stupid to be wasting their money but it's so much funner having something to do other than working 60 hours a week! I quit the pizza place and only work on weekends delivering Chinese food and spend my time during the week focusing on school and doing the best I can and I still even have time for a real life! Oh and it definitely wouldn't be possible without the help on my Mary j keeping me focused and motivated!! Good luck to you! You can do it!
  13. I have decided after 2 years to go back to school as well. I am looking into geology and hopefully wind up in the planetary geologist career field. Any other geologists out there who can give some advice?
  14. Threads like this prove the stereotype- "stoners are lazy/stupid. They have no motivation to do anything yadayadayada " is just dead wrong. All you guys in post-secondary education and shit. Good for y'all. Show the negative nancies whose boss.
  15. I quit my pizza job of 8+ years about a year ago and went back to school, I'm now half way to my degree in becoming a personal trainer. I am lucky enough to have family that is willing to pay my tuition and monthly bills while I'm in school though... School and work is no good

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