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Going away to college, how to smoke? (bong and carbon filter vs vape)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DownwardSpiral3, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I've smoked a fine share of weed, but living with parents who wont have it in their house, i have had few large peices such as bongs and such. I've stuck to bowls and bubblers for personal use in the past. However now i am going away to college and will be able to keep things in my room. I would love to get a great big bong, such as the 175$ flaming skull one on this site, an over 2 foot bong with three tree percs, ice catch, diffuser, and 7 mil glass. I was thinking i could get a carbon filter for this bong as they supposedly keep the bong clean and the smoke healthier and less smelly. Would this be feasible in a college dorm? How great is the smell improvement, like culd i just toke out my window? How do carbon filtered bongs compare health and efficency wise with vapes? Should i get a vape instead? It could be more practical with less smell, not quite as cool as a bong though. If so should i get a cheap box type one, or like a semi-expensive knock off volcano like v tower extreme? or would it be more practical to get something portable like the iolite vaporizer? How good do these different vapes work? any advice greatly appreciated :smoke:
  2. dude having a bong in your dorm room is a really good way to get expelled
  3. Yea bro people won't just ignore that shit. I mean you can get away with it but people most likely will report the smell. So just hide it after each session jus to be safe.
  4. It depends how lenient your state, school, and RA are. Anything and everything pertaining to weed will stink up not only your room, but possibly the hallway, too.

    Numerous kids on my floor last year have gotten caught just by opening a bag of bud or by rolling a blunt/J. It smells more than you think and can even stink up the whole hallway. A bong would be a terrible idea for a dorm room. There's no place to hide it and, when not in use, will reak. At my school, I usually have a hitter, maybe a small bowl/chillum max and no more than a quad in my room.

    But again, it depends on your school.
  5. I'd honestly just smoke joints/blunts, the evidence is gone after the session.
  6. Small bowls and vapes. My girlfriend is an RA at the college here. So. Word to the wise. Keep whatever piece you have immaculate. Clean it as much as possible. Also keep drugs and other paraphernalia separate.
  7. OK so any advice as far as getting a vape goes? I want a nice easy to use one, should i get something portable like the IOLite one or is something like the V-tower extreme a lot more effective so just get that for dorm and blunts or w/e for on the go?
  8. Yeah, I kinda have the same problem, gonna be staying with some relatives. Ill have my own room and window, just want a vaporizer that produces the lease amount of smell and smoke.
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    Get a magic flight Launch box. It's completely silent, uses rechargeable batteries and you can but a Power adapter for it and use it as a desktop vape. They also just released a bong adapter for it.

    I use mine inside at work, in my car, in my room, restaurants...
  10. Fellow student here, about to start my freshman year. I'm torn between just rolling j's and blunts and going for walks, or buying a vape. I've never used a vape, is it much different than smoking?
  11. i'd wait to you get there to check out the situation and everything and make sure it's cool that you can stash one.. don't wanna show up with a mambo bong and no where to put it :smoke:
  12. I'm planning on buying a Silver Surfer Vaporizer this saturday before I head up to college. I definitely think vapes would be your best bet health and smell wise.

    I've had an MFLB for the past 6 months or so and I used to vape in my bedroom with my door open and my parents never said a word. Just upgrading to the SSV for the social aspect of it and the nicer quality. If you ever plan on having a sesh with friends the MFLB is a pain in the ass, you need a battery per person minimum and you'll have to load the trench at LEAST once per person. But if it's just for you and you alone, go for the MFLB.
  13. I do have a small glass pipe, too, but I don't know if I want to take the risk of having to ditch it, she's my baby :x

  14. this is perfect if you want to live a life of no problems.

    Just go outside where everyone smokes cig's, or a back door, and light up a joint.

    Sure its annoying, but would you rather be thrown out of your dorm?

    My ex and I used to do this all the time when she was in her dorm at MIT, but eventually she got to lazy and self destructive and was thrown out of the dorm.

    This was a brand new, and one of the nicest at MIT of course.

    She then moved to the most drug infested dorm at MIT, and attempted to commit suicide after living there for 3 months and broke up with me.

    hm...............maybe that doesnt happen to everyone

    but the moral of the story is, smoke outside

  15. I move in my dorm tomorrow and I've recently been thinking about getting the mflb just cause of the no smell and all that. My school is in downtown Atlanta so I can't really just walk around with a joint or blunt.
    Anyone have that for their dorm? Is it a good choice?
  16. I'm buying an mflb specifically for college use. safest way i have found.
  17. Vaporizer all day long. Fuck the hassle of filters and bitch ass narc Chachis. Vape is healthier, conserves bud, can make wand hash, can turn AVB into BHO, no smell, smaller than a bong.

    If you want a panty dropper, the bong (except the skull, maybe if it was 1994 and we were 11 and watched wrestling).

    If you want to be adult and make a wise investment, the vape. When I moved in with my gf we couldn't use my Medicali, so we vaped every night and honestly, I never missed my bong, but I'd bubble. Seriously - no smell. 6 consecutive months of undetection, we could smoke outside but not inside.

    And on that note, buy Da Buddah or the Silver Surfer. 175 vs 200/250...

    This is a no brainer. And my hash pic as incentive. Free with cleaning.

  18. Any other opinions on this? I'm leaning towards joints and blunts I think. I've never used a vape so I don't really know if it's worth buying one or not.

  19. You wouldnt happen to be going to georgia state university would you :hello:
  20. On that note, anybody going to Michigan Tech this semester?

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