Goin' to the pet store tomorrow

Discussion in 'General' started by MorningTrip, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Alright, so I was looking through my storage, and I found this big ass terranium that I used to have for a pet chameleon (mesh cage, cost me about $100 at the time). So I was thinkin', since I already have the cage, why not go out and buy a snake.

    So tomorrow I'm goin to pet stores lookin' for a cool snake that I can get high with when friends are away. I've got my eye on gettin' a ball python, those look cool and easy to take care of.

    Anybody got any opinions or suggestions?
  2. you should smoke a couple bowls and go in then pick one out cause if its not cool high then it will suck to have in your romm when your high,, you should get an albino python those are awesome they get big as fuck and eat rabbits
  3. pythons require frozen mice (or live ones ;)) but i bet you knew that already. chameleons are sweet.. or get a shitload of small lizards that you only have to feed grasshoppers to
  4. Corn snakes are ideally the best 'first snakes' a beginner can have. Not only that, but the colors are absolutely /gorgeous/. Relatively easy to take care of and I -strongly- suggest you get 'The Cornsnake Guide' or whatever by Kathy Love before buying the animal. Heck, get the literature for any snake before buying it. Although I am sure you would have done your research anyhow. :D
  5. i got a ball python. he is pretty chill. you should get one

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