Goin to jail!

Discussion in 'General' started by rpmuser123, May 11, 2010.

  1. Yeah I've totally been fucking this off for so long. Got a DUI in November, court in January, and they gave me 30 days to do a day in jail. Well the 30 days came and went and now it's May. I went in about 10 days ago and instead of sending me to jail(which I was hoping for) they gave me another 2 weeks. I have to get up at 7 though :(

    Not my first time in jail though, I was just wondering if anyone had any tips/funny shit for me to do in jail. I spent a week before and it was boring as fuck.
  2. I got one, drop the soap and see what happens so i can finally know if what they say is true, the damn mythbuster's never got back to me on this one. :confused_2:
  3. i'm sorry to hear that. stay positive man. my uncle just finished with 90 days for oui.
  4. dropping the soap wont be a problem because I only have 24 hours to do. And I'd drop my soap and bend over and shake my ass and it still wouldn't be a problem. Cause I have a mohawk. And fucked up knuckles. And a hardcore beach body
  5. ahh sorry i miss read "a day in jail".
  6. Have fun dude.
  7. The worst part of jail for me was sitting amongst a pack of hyena's saying "what the fuck did I do to deserve this? How am I linked with these fucks in any way?"

    And I only did a week. I had similar thoughts at every job I've had too, though.

    So fuck it. And don't drive drunk anymore brosepharian. You wanna kill yourself/risk your own safety, no one gives a shit. But please don't put the public at risk anymore. Please reflect on your mistakes and work out hypothetical problem-solving skills to avoid putting yourself in DUI-ish situations in the future.

  8. ^ That was oddly written, I didn't understand most of it.
  9. I know about drinking and driving. I was barely over the limit but I will never get behind the wheel after more than 1 drink anymore. and by drink I mean fifth.

    J/K but I don't drive drunk ever anymore. I saw how much it cost me to be 10% over the legal limit.
  10. And yeah, even though I'm a habitual criminal, the people in jail are not like me. I'm too tender.

  11. ;) :wave: :cool: :ey:
  12. Well, the beach body is not going to be a deterrent unless it's used for defense...

    but maybe you should splurge and get a prison tattoo while you're there ;)
  13. I heard those are convicts' turn-ons, good luck
  14. You sound hot. Are you into MMA and say "brah" a lot?

    I'd totally rape you, dude. Watch your anus.
  15. Don't do that thing after which you feel shame.It is your mistake and it is right to sen you in the jail.
  16. Hahaha this got me cracking up :hello:

  17. Dude, it's a fucking day!

    I did a 5 month bid with less pissing and moaning then this.

  18. lol its people like him who are the targets.
    mohawk? cuteeeeee
  19. Put this in your butt just in case.

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