Goin Skydiving

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. hey sup GC i got neeews ... ima going skydiving :eek::D i cant wait .. has anyone on here ever done skydiving before .... and would it be safe to blaze befor lol .. ima going TANDEM tho so i dont have to open tha parachute or anythin a trained professional is there to do that shyt tied up to me but what do you guyz think ??>???:D
  2. Id go sober the first couple times atleast. Once you get the feel for it maybe smoke a little before.
  3. did u eva go skydiving ???
  4. No, I dont think Id have the nerve to jump out. My grandpa has told me awesome stories about skydivin in the army though. You should have a blast
  5. haha, thats awsome..ive always wanted to do that. definitely be sober the first few times like Lantern said.
  6. yeha iknow but i am attatched to a trained professionals and a chute for 2 .. so i can be stonned cuz i literally have to do nothign just look down and enjoy the ride lol
  7. Im pretty much sure I wouldnt have the balls to do that, I hate rollercoasters and the like.
  8. *plans to kidnap lebowski...feed him some acid and go on Tatsu (six flags magic mountain) over and over again.....muwahahahahahahahahaha. excelent.*
  9. hey man if u think u can handle it
    and ur strapped in and dont have to do anything
    id say go for it man
  10. haha i love extreme sports like dat yo

    i do rock climbing snowboarding and now ima start skydiving .. awesome lol
  11. Blazing would make it so much more fun i think. You'd be chillin. Plus it'd probably make jumping out a lot less nerve racking.

  12. If you gave me enough acid, i'd prolly do it lol.
  13. If he gave you enough acid, you'd be riding a banana split into hell.

  14. LOL +rep :D
  15. lmfao. i love you guys. :bongin: :gc_rocks:
  16. what would happen if you tok acid and skydived ? :eek:

  17. Well, you would jump out, and see the world as it really is, a giant fluorescent orb of energy and life, shimmering in beauty with patterns dancing across, you would slip into a void of nothingness and be caressed by mother nature herself, she appears in front of you and you start to have a conversation about the true meaning of life and the role between humans and nature. She tell you she will reveal the secret to existance itself, we as humans must...


    you forgot to open ur chute dumbass.
  18. LMAO again holy shit i'd +rep you 1000 times but i can't yet :(
  19. +rep Lebowski....I could totally see that shit goin down
  20. man i would never go skydiving i would freak out and piss myself or somethin

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