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  1. First I would like to say that rarely do I like to post threads with topics that have been covered in any extent, but I feel this is somewhat necessary for my self.

    I have taken about 4 molly's in my life (been over a year since I have rolled) but today I'm going to be taking my first compressed pill. I'm one of those people that over analyzes what they put in their body to an extreme extent. So I guess I'm here looking for a little reassurance. I trusted that what I have taken before was molly and loved it... butttt compressed pills worry me a little. Especially since this is a random hookup I really have nothing to go off but word of mouth. I have no time/chance to test them or send them to a lab.

    I guess what I would like to know is: say my pill is a methbomb, k, etc. what are some good ways to tell? Since I have anxiety, if experiencing an attack (mostly would be induced by amphetamine, not mdma) is taking a benzo appropriate to ease the attack? Finally the last (and probably stupidest) question is: Is there anything above a minimal chance that my pill may contains something dangerous? I can deal with having other compounds in my pill (as long as they don't kill me ;))

    Anywho, thanks in advance and I apologize for posting a topic that has probably been covered in some extent. If you have any other suggestions besides answers to my questions that would be fantastic!

    oh btw they are white playboy bunny's (if anyone has any experience with them)
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    if it is cut with anything you'll die a really slow and painful death. you better hope for the best.

    also, just read they were white playboy bunnies. thats funny, the first time i ever rolled was on a couple bunny presses. maybe the good luck will come through and these will be good too :)
  3. Haha sarcasm is always good;). I'm just gonna take em and hope for the best. Thanks yo.:wave:
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    from my personal experience with mixed rolls

    MDMA = clean, smooth roll, very social, easy comedown, able to sleep after, euphoric to the max

    MDA = enhanced colors alot more, very intense, short lasting

    K/MDMA = enhanced colors/visuals, more euphoric, find yourself sitting down more often then usual

    Meth/MDMA = more speedy and quick feeling, hard to stay still, horrible rough comdown, cant sleep after, not as euphoric as others, more body aches after

    Amph/MDMA = Longer roll, more speedy, all depends on whats the percentage of MDMA is in there

    take into account that i could be incorrect on some of this information considering it can be difficult to tell when your fucked up exactly what is connected to what substance
  5. Well they seemed pretty clean. Not too intense but almost a perfect euphoria/chill mix. I was feelin good after one and a half and had no real trouble falling asleep (and I feel like $1,000,000 today). Pupils were huge and I couldn't stop talkin :confused: soooooo yeah I'll go back to this guy.:wave: I honestly still have idea what was in them though... no where near as good as molly though but that was kinda expected.

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