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  1. Just got 2 bubblers for my friends. $10 a piece from gogopipes.com, not bad? Keys are for perspective.

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  2. I did a doubletake when I saw your lanyard.. Not expecting to see another eph here.
  3. Looks like they're TINY
  4. Ya they are really small but I was just glad to receive them, the site was screaming fake and to add to that they had me send them a picture of my debit :/ but my sister actually is a senior there now, I'm going to apply this year
  5. Seems pretty expensive dude seeing that I already have a bunch of pieces. Do you have a coupon code?
  6. Good luck with your application buddy! I'll be a WOOLF leader next fall, so who knows, I might lead your orientation trip if you end up coming.
  7. not bad, how fat are they? I got one like those for 13 at the mall but it was wicked thin

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