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  1. Some of you may be familiar with the music of Godspeed You Black Emporer! I was considering using some of this music as backround music for a first time experience with mushrooms. I was a little concerned though because the music is very intense, and usually very depressing. I mean, if you've ever listened to them, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I only listen to it on certain occasions when the mood is right because it is definatley not everyday, driving to work music. Anyways back to the point, does anybody think listening to GYBE while tripping for the first time is a bad idea?

    I want music without lyrics, spoken word maybe.

    If not Godspeed I was thinking something like, A Silver Mt. Zion, Explosions in the Sky, or Mogwai maybe even though some of their work falls along the lines of Godspeed.

    Thanks, lemme know
  2. i like sigur ros more for trippin than godspeed. sigur ros is a lot more uplifting and happy while godspeed is too dark when on shrooms for me, and asmz is way too sad.

    mogwai would be a good choice too.
  3. Yeah Sigur Ros is a good choice I didn't think of that.. ASZM album Born Into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward isn't too sad of an album, but yeah you're right..its very close to GYBE's work so it wouldn't make sence.
  4. I've tripped to Godspeed on mushrooms and it was amazing!

    Not all of Godspeed's stuff is depressing. I listened to Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas to the Heavens, and the first two songs almost brought tears to my eyes. Change CDs before the second track though because there's this kind of ambient noise interlude in the begining that contains the most horrible sound known to man.
  5. Godspeed is some good stuff, and funny dudes. Try to find their arrest story about being "Potential Terrorists", it's hilarious (and legit). Not sure how I feel about trippin' to it; but then again, I always listen to Portishead when I trippin'. I think that is why only a few kids trip with me because I like a really dark atmosphere when I am trippin'. Don't ask me why, but I have never had a bad experience. Maybe instead of Godspeed check out Pelican. Even that change might be a better choice, but then again, I really don't know what kind of trip you are goin' for, haha.
  6. I love post-rock. Put on happy songs for happy people by mogwai or some nice relaxing explosions in the sky or dream signals in full circles by tristeza. good stuff. :] i've never tripped, i'm going to soon i ordered a bunch of lsa containing things and some salvia. kinda excited/kinda nervous. i'd try shrooms but i've just never been around them.
  7. I want to shroom with some friends in a few weeks, I'm going to buy a Godspeed Album and another album, which Godspeed album should I buy for best shrooming experience?
  8. i dont know about for tripping, but lift your skinny fists..... is their best cd imo
    f#a# isnt bad either especially "east hastings"
  9. I have most of F#A# Infinity in MP3 format but I don't have a CD burner and I want to be able to listen to this while tripping. I might just go with God Is An Astronaut, seriously give it a listen to that, is hella dank.
  10. Get Lift Your Skinny Fists. And have a good trip!

    First song on this album (Hunted by a Freak) is probably one of my favorite tracks of all time.
  11. That's the song that made me a fan of Mogwai.

    For the person with the shroom music question: probably Lift Your Skinny Fist. It's 4 songs and they are all about 20 minutes long.
  12. Since we were talking about tripping... I did for my first time on wednesday, and it was with salvia. yeah, I don't know what to think about this. it was kinda frightening and I had to really, really focus and talk to myself to stay grounded until it wore off. it comes on so quickly. when i exhaled it just hit me. i waved my arms noticing trails of light, and then I got a sort of "tunnel vision" where my field of vision seemed to shrink and like something was pressing down on me from all directions. it was pretty unpleasant. I think if I had taken another hit right after that I probably wouldn't have been able to stay grounded. it only lasts about 5 minutes or so, but very intense... I'm actually kinda hesitant on trying it again anytime soon even though I have a ton of it. I think I'll try some morning glory seeds/h.b. woodrose seeds next...

    p.s. - i forgot to mention that when the salvia trip came on I was listening to explosions in the sky, and I immediately found out that I needed something less abstract playing, preferrably something with clear vocals so my attention wouldn't drift away. for some reason i decided i needed hip hop, and I ended up putting on del somehow. it took a LOT of effort to stay focused enough to click through all my folders and change the song. I don't know. maybe i'll become more comfortable with it after a few attempts...
  13. Soon I'm picking up the entire Godspeed You! Black Emperor discography on vinyl. I want to listen to it while on acid, or at least mushrooms.

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