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  1. Anyone else been watching this series on CNN? Just wondering what your thoughts are...
  2. The muslim one didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, and the christian one angered me deeply.
  3. I felt anger when I watched about the first 20 minutes of the special on christianity. However, by the time the show was over that anger had been replaced with down right fear.

    If nothing else, I think this series has done a great job in showing how collectively dangerous religion is at this point in time.... in regards to humanity as a whole. Religion + Politics = 90% of the problems we have in the world today.

    I think it is our duty, not just as Americans or whatever else, but as HUMAN BEINGS to move away from religion all together if we want to see humanity move forward as a whole. For every small group it brings together, it divides a larger one. The longer religion sticks around and continues to have a major role in politics and everything else, the less likely it is we will survive as a human race....I dont think theres any debating that really.

    Unfortunately, religion isnt going anywhere. I think humanity is in too deep when it comes to the idea of religion, and once we got in too deep we were pretty much doomed. Sooner or later it will take its toll...but hopefully not in my lifetime.
  4. Like JesusC said, anger for the first 20 minutes...then fear.

    Couldn't have said it any better than you did right there man. I too think we are so deep rooted what we will not come out until something drastic happens...like individual thought :p

    How do these people not see something wrong with pushing a Christian agenda?

    Did anyone see the minister or priest or whatever who was completely against religion in politics? He was the best part of the entire show I was watching.

    I heard of a book coming out, and I feel the title fits this situation well. "No god but God"
  5. Religion is an illusion and it derives its strength from the fact that it falls in with our instinctual desires.


    It makes sense that people would push their desperate beliefs on others in an attempt to somehow justify what they believe in.

    both athiests and religious people are guilty of this.

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    They have a christian gathering thats called "battlecry".

    I would rep you Jesusc, but i have to spread the love around
  6. I guess this topic poses an interesting question...

    This doesnt have to turn into a debate about whether or not god exists, I know there are plenty of those already.

    Just step outside of the box, forget what you believe, and ask youreself this one question:

    Is religion good for humanity as a whole?

    Whether you believe or you dont believe, it doesnt really matter. I think we can all agree that religion is a very imperfect system as far as humanity is concerned. We are all so divided, so willing and eager to kill eachother, and all for a cause that nobody is really sure of in the first place. I dont care what you think you have "seen" or "experienced", the truth is that NOBODY is sure. Not you, me, or anyone else who reads this.

    It seems as if we have all gone mad with this idea that our beliefs should be imposed on everyone else....that "we" are the ones who have figured it out and now everyone needs to follow suit.

    Like I said, it doesnt matter if you believe or not....

    In my opinion, it doesnt matter how religion started or how it was "intended" to be, it is what it is today. Its certainly not about love, peace, and acceptance..(for those of you who have been fooled), its about conformity, power, and control. The message has definitely been lost...

    Its the idea that "im all for peace and love, as long as you believe what I believe".
  7. Not seen the series yet, but I did find it on YouTube. It is on my must-see list :)

    But really, I've been saying what a threat religion is for years now, and paid no special favours to christianity. Blind faith is blind faith, period. Nothing good ever results from it.
  8. this series on CNN is essentially about how Christians, Jews, and Muslims are trying to make their religions more influential (powerful) throughout the world, right?

    ya, i dont agree with any of it. this isnt what Jesus would want. keep church and state separate, simple as that.
  9. I try not to watch stuff like this because it pisses me off. Being unable to rectify the situation, being unable to convince people that they are killing others in the name of a fairy tale, only serves to anger and annoy me. I long for the day when the religious will be such a minority they will be living in tiny communities like the Amish do today, the day when humanity can start moving forward and stop acting like little-insecure babies. I do not think that day is long off, though, it probably is not around the corner.
  10. im a christian, and i must say that this kind of stuff upsets me probably just as much as some atheists. its unfortunate that christians are being told that they are in a battle with their fellow brothers, and that a strong condescending attitutude is essential for "victory." Its unfortunate because this is not the way christianity works.

    i guess this is just symbolic of where the church is today; down the craphole. some christians need to go back to the basics here and pay attention to how Jesus taught.
  11. It's on CNN right now for those of you who havent seen it.

  12. I see what you're saying, but that's still a long stretch of an assumption.

  13. An assumption, yes. However, its far from a long stretch.

    Consider the combination of religion and politics (which is bad enough), added to that the technological advances of our time, and its only a matter of time before someone goes too far.

    ....and by "too far" im not talking about another 9/11. I think 9/11 was small-time compared to what future civiliztions will have to go through as a result of bad politics and religious conflict.

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