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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThickerRicher, May 28, 2010.

  1. So! I am turning 23 in a little over an hour, and I am considering freaking a game(or other blunt if games are unsuitable), but we have limited supply. Will 7-8 grams be sufficient? I googled a bunch of different terms, and the figures I found range from a quarter to an onion. thanks!
  2. After the part about your birthday I didn't understand anything :confused: I am curious as to whether I should know what your talking about.
  3. Are you asking is 7-8 grams enough for one blunt? lol. yea you should be fine
  4. basically he said he wants to roll a tater for his birthday. and 7 grams in a game blunt will definitely be enough. actually you might pass out if you take it to the head lol.
  5. Why on earth do you want to put 7-8 grams? Why not 1-2?
  6. Lol man, a quarter blunt takes some skillage to roll. You should be good with 1.5-2g depending on how many heads. sometimes 2 medium sized blunts are better than one big one for groups.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up for me TBone, I don't know why but that made absolutely no sense to me, and I read it like 5 times.
  8. Did you make up the terms "freaking a game" and "onion"? I have no idea what that is. Do you mean ounce? Rolling a joint?
  9. Same here, no idea :(
  10. I'm afraid the only thing im familiar with in this post is the game blunt, 7-8 grams in a single blunt is non-sesne plain and simple. If you do want to max it out i'd put no more than 3 gs in a single blunt. Also calling an O an onion is just weird to me, sorry. And you shouldnt be "freaking" anything that isnt a woman.
  11. freaking means to roll the tobacco out. 7-8 grams should be more than enough for stuffing a blunt
  12. Original poster, a quarter is just about enough. I have done this before and it came out to 9.8gs in a wine game. Ours however was a little tight so a quarter is def a good amount. All these terms used are fimailar with seasoned tokers, so a bit of advise is to not post in here. Everyone is very ignorant in this thread. An onion is very common for ounce. And if you knew anything about this subject youd know he is not trying to roll 7gs. he is going to stuff/freak the blunt by rolling out the tobbaco and replacing it with green. Please DONT post indicating you have no clue what hes talking about, it just takes up place on the thread for the more educated to post.

  13. It has nothing to do with ignorance.
    I have never heard of these terms, they all depend on your location. I'm sure plenty of other 'seasoned tokers' on this forum were just as puzzled by this topic as I was.

    Stop with the 'yeah I'm a seasoned toker if you don't know these terms your not a seasoned toker' talk. It's so infantile and ridiculous. Grow up.
  14. #15 xweedx, May 28, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2010

    No offense but fuck you man, different areas have different methods of doing things, just the fact that you have this attitude obviously shows you suck as a person, getting too outlandish with your slang terms makes you look like a moron, just say roll out the tobacco, not freaking it, if you would have said stuffing i would have known right off the bat, again you guys are trying too hard with the slang. Why dont you try to be a little less smug about shit, and if you're so educated, then educate us dont try to down us. Community man, community... And just because you lurk a forum long enough to catch onto the deemed slang they use does not make you a seasoned toker. just say an O, no use in trying to be hip and shit saying onion. And yes OP if you're going to ROLL out the tobacco then STUFF the bud, a quarter should work, you might have a little paper left over. I think we used like 7.2 for ours?
  15. I didn't understand his post and I've been tokin' for 30 years. How long have you been doing this Mr. experienced educated seasoned toker?

  16. Ignorance literally means lack of knowledge. You didn't have knowledge of the terms he was using. It was a matter of ignorance. Basic logic. And how about you dont be a hipocrite? Comin in here actin like you are superior when you are calling him out for doin the same.

  17. ignorance [ˈɪgnərəns]
    n lack of knowledge, information, or education; the state of being ignorant.

    These terms are not location based. I have heard many of these terms from many different places in the US. And if your are puzzled by the question you should not be posting on the thread. He is asking for advise in the subjuct. He is not asking GC to tell him its a bad idea or that they have no clue what hes talking about.

    Experienced, especially in terms of a profession or a hobby

    If you do not understand the subject at hand then you are not seasoned in this subjuct. so by saying that you have done this before, and by explaining how to do it properly, your are indicating you are seasoned.

    I never declaired myself as seasoned, only that this subject is for the more seasoned toker and not the inexperienced.
  18. In any case if you go into a thread where someone is askin about a specific subject that you have no idea about im pretty sure you shouldnt post in it and you especially shouldnt start a fight in it. We are equals. We can have intellegent discussions without insulting eachother.
  19. If they have done it before, and can explain how to do it then they are seasoned on teh subject, the only problem was miscommunication of slang terms, not teh actual mission at hand. If anything throwing around terms like freaking and onion things of that nature just makes someone look even more amatuer to me. Just say what it is all this extra shit is just that, extra shit that obviously creates miscommunications between tokers.

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