Goddamn what a sweet find!

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  1. So I'm dry, really dry and I'm strapped for cash big-time and thats how I ended up with a free quarter :hello:

    So the story begins about a month ago when my brother got some dough together from different people and bought a QP of some decent shit for about 400 bucks, when he returns home after the deal, he simply enters the house going through the garage and then down into the basement so he wouldn't have to walk by my parents with four ounce of smelly weed on him. He had to go right back out and just came home to stash the QP somewhere so he wouldn't have to carry it around town, he ended up hiding it in my dad's old camping stuff. Later that night before my brother had come home again my dad was getting his shit together for a skiing trip and he went to get some of his skiing stuff from the camping supply. I sat there on my computer as he unearthed 400 bucks of my brothers weed, it was one of the WORST things I have truly ever witnessed, and goddamn was he ripped. His first notion of course is that me or my brother are dealing because yes a QP is a whole lot of fucking weed. I told him no I wasn't dealing and no my brother wasn't and I refused to give him any other info on the matter. He took the stash and locked it in his room.

    He was in bed before my brother got home so when he did I filled him in. For him, it was like a state of shock, he was almost in tears after losing all his bud and I definitely sympathized seeing as he is my older bro, and a half o of the QP was supposed to be mine. The next morning my dad leaves for work and my brother calls him at work and explains to my dad that the QP wasn't his and that that guy it was supposed to be for was a real thug and would break into our house and shit if he didn't get his weed, now this really convinced my dad because he's really into collecting old shit and he's got a ton of old investments in the house and the last thing he wanted was someone breaking in, so I actually watched him just hand the QP to my brother, it was AWESOME and I got my weed as well.

    So back to the now.

    A couple of hours ago, I was looking for my sleeping bag and I was reaching back on one of the shelves where the camping stuff was, and sure enough, my fingers touch a baggie, at first I had no idea, then I pinched the baggie and I knew immedietely that it was a nug, so I pull back the boxes and sure enough there lies two 1/8's of the QP my bro had. I was fucking ecstatic, I mean its been soo hard for me to come across weed for the past few weeks so this was a real break for me. But of course I had to talk to the rightful owner of the nug first so when I asked my bro he said he didn't give a shit if I kept it and he's one of those high class stoners anyways who only smokes completely fresh bud. So I just rolled up a FAT blunt for myself and I'm about to go get completely toasted :smoking:

    anyone else ever make a find like this?
  2. i wanna read it but im on 130mg of roxie, and took 7 somas so my visiion is gone`
  3. No! Lol
    But that was still a super great story. +Rep for asking your bro first, and also making sure you didn't get him in big shit with your dad. Awesome awesome story. :D
  4. one night me and my girlfriends had like a baggie on us it was pretty big but i forget how much it was anyways we were stuck in the biglots parking lot donw here for hours just toking away hot boxing the hell outa her sisters car. i started to roll a j and some how being so fried broke it up but never rolled it last week my girlfriends sisters boyfriend opened the glove compartment and we all allmost shit.i started screaming its mine i forgot about it!!! hmmm good times
  5. haha that's AWESOME! and that was quite a lot of weed too
  6. yeah good job on not snitching and having respect for your older bro
  7. God that just made me so fucking happy.

  8. thats a fucking great story
  9. +rep for that. i wish i could control myself like you did. id just "smoke a little bit" lol.
  10. hahaha nice story
  11. FUCK I OPENED IT not remember posting this but im on 4 30mg roxies, 4 somas, and 4 10mg valiums so my eyes are crazy again damnit i wanna read ti

    offtopic: I love how ROXIES MAKE YOUR VISION Nutz
  12. Thats was a awesome story man. Haha glad ya got your bud too
  13. yea dude that was def a good move asking your bro first. good work
  14. Only good find ive had in a while wosnt found by me lol bout 3 weeks ago, hangin for a ciggie for almost 4 fukin days..Coppas rock up with a warrant to look for "stolen property" or sum shit..Anyway they goin through my room n when they go under my bed they find..A CIGARETE!!! :D Never been so happy to have 2 cops going through my room :D

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