goddamn cat

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  1. after light comes on this morning i walk in my room and my cat is eating my fuking plants

    he managed to get all the leaves off one stem and ate a few other leaves.

    needless to say im PISSED.

    is there anything i can get at lowes/home depot that will keep the cats out?
  2. First off, don't be angry with your cat, it was just responding to natural cues. You have learned, unfortunately the hard way, that cats love MJ. Any kind of barrier to keep the cat out will work, depends on your grow room setup. You could build a square frame out of 2x2 wood, staple some chicken wire in it, and put hinges on it to make a sort of screen door to keep the cat out, for example, but I don't know if this would be a good solution for your particular op.
  3. something like that would be perfect, bc its in a closet and there are a few inches behind the opening where id be able to slide some fencing or something else in
  4. is there anything i can get at lowes/home depot that will keep the cats out?[/quote]

    they sell chipper/shredders.... toss the cat in one.
  5. Also cats like and have a need to sometime eat greens, so you can fulfill that need with some wheatgrass like this:


    You can get it at any pet store and even at most grocery stores.
  6. Catnip growing indoors is fun for them too..........They will usually go to catgrass^^ or catnip first.

  7. Not Home depot, Gander Mountain, a raging bull is like $700 thats an easy way to keep him off, and the bullet costs like $0.85
  8. I doubt you will find many that think this is amusing ... :rolleyes:
  9. i thought it was funny..

    anyways, i ended up purchasing a "position and lock" gate made by evenflow from lowes for $15. its one of those things you put in a doorway to keep a dog out or a baby in a room..
  10. cats have ups like lebron james.. If I was a cat I'd jump some dumb little gate to get at some mary jane
  11. NOT nearly as funny as someone thinking a cat can't clear a 24" baby gate :hello:

    Looks like the poster above got in seconds before me ...

    Both of mine at 14 yrs hop our 7ft fence like its nothing ...
  12. As suggested, cat grass &/or catnip make great diversions. My cats go for the cat grass first. I grow all sorts of plants inside to plant outside in spring and they were tearing everything apart until I started growing cat grass for them. Now they go for that if they are wanting greens and they ignore all my other plants.

    If you don't like that idea you can get scat mats and put them around the plants, cats hate to walk on them.

    There is also hot pepper spray BUT I don't think you want that on your weed!
  13. Home Depot/Lowes also sells pre-made lattice-work that could act as a gate...
  14. It's not your cat's fault, to the cat, it is just a plant, as the car does not know of the importance of that plant. What you can do is train the car, spray bottle works wonders. Everytime the cat gets near the plant, spray it with the bottle. The cat should learn quickly.
  15. Put a door on the closet? Crazy right?

    I thought the shredder thing was hilarious...cause I was thinkin' the same thing.

    Theres only one cat I know that couldn't jump a baby gate, and thats my mum's cat...we think its literally retarded lol it tried to jump it, and smashed its face into the top it was so friggin' hilarious I had stomach pains from laughing.
  16. our cat is lazy... just the fact that there is something blocking his view will make him not want to do anything about it

    plus he wouldn't have anywhere to jump
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    Dear Cat,

    Im am sorry for my remarks. It was not your fault. You were just getting back at him for cutting off your balls. I am an @sshole, and I do not like your species. I was attacked by a mountain lion when I was younger and have a seething hatred for all felines, regardless of how cute you are. I value Mr. Bubbles opinions and posts. He is a very knowledgeable person, and a cat owner as well. I struck a chord with him, and not a good one I might add.... I did not mean to cause you any feline defamation of character or undue stress. Your owner will not throw you in a chipper shredder. The dog might, so keep your distance from him.

    P.S. Next time ask, dont steal his stash.

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