1. a fuel for discussion i guess. Just a thought I have about "God" just kinda wanted to get opinions really...

    "God created man in his image"

    God created man in his image, which means God gave us the ability to "see that its good."

    God can notice how beautiful his creations are. We can notice the beauty of something. God created us in his image that way.
  2. everything is an emanation of god, thus being created in his image, even plants and dirt

    i think we're just closer in the sense of actually coming to understanding him better

    god is in everything, everything has some sort of intelligence, a 'knowing' just like the knowing you get when spirituality awakened is the same 'knowing' a plant has just a different level

  3. I think the OP is right in some ways, but this hits the nail on the head.

    I'd agree that we are created "in His image" because we have morals and can know what is right and is wrong... but it's more than that.

    If God is all knowing and all powerful (omniscient and omnipotent), then He is Everything. God is the First Cause. He is all energy. All of us individuals are a small portion of that energy, but god is the Sum, the Collective Whole.

    So yes, of course we were created in His image. We were created by him, from him. Even if you deny (or like me, just dont know) whether God is a thinking being, you cannot deny that all of our energy, and everything else in this Universe, came from something, something caused it to come into existence. This First Cause, Initial Cause, the Source, the Creator, whatever you want to call it... that is God.
  4. my statement was more towards the Bible

    the people who wrote the Bible knew things that many people are just discovering right now

    the Bible has answers, people just need to look
  5. If there is a God, we don't know him. Religion has nothing to do with spirituality and God, and because of that nobody can know God.
  6. You say you don't know, but then you conclude that God must be the first cause or unmoved mover. I propose that we cannot claim to know what started the creation of the universe as we know it, but assigning it to a supreme omnipotent being is logical nonsense.

    I'm not saying that our universe could not be created by said highly-evolved being, but it would seem to me to be an idea concocted to fill the largest gap in the understanding of our environs: how it all began.

    Let the argument begin!
  7. I think the same way, maybe there is a god somewhere, but not here.

    Completely non existent, we're just stuck in a room figuring things out.
  8. religions now dont have jack shit to do with spirituality and god, but religion in ancient times was very spiritual. we dont have to know god, but we can know this universe he left us. we dont have to know him, as long as we know he is there.

  9. I know that there is a God. I what i dont know is the nature of god, or the extent to which God is god-like. Does that make sense?

    I agree, it probably was a concocted idea. But i dont think that the Universe has always been this way, or always existed. To me, it makes most sense that it had to come from something. That something is God. That's what i conclude.
  10. He also created disabled children then?
    Are you really trying to tell me God looks like a downs-syndromed child?

  11. What's the importance of knowing he's there?
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    What if "god" was everything that is? What if God was the 10th dimension?

    If he created everything in his image, what would it look like if infinity was reflected?

    Also what man? A black man, an Asian man, an aborigional man, hispac man, a native american man, a white man? What man?
  13. obviously you are a retarded kid who trolls just to "debunk" god threads.

    do not blame "god" for genetic faults. god doesnt look like anything, so get out of this thread if you have nothing good to contribute, thank you.

    there is no importance, we don't need to live worshiping him or going to church or whatever religions do now.

    it is about morality, and morality creates the world we live in. knowing gods there can just be admitting that we can not comprehend the time before time.

    German physicists develop a quantum interface between light and atoms
    ^^even an article like that can not explain the beginning of time fully, all it does is make assumptions.
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    I troll things that are deeply retarded. Like this thread. I've contributed to religous threads positivley in the past but this one's just fucking stupid.
    God created man in his image, so why the fuck are we all completely dfferent both outside and inside? And how does that even work if you've just said God has no image?
    Fail thread is fail.

  15. No dude, you fail at abstract thinking.

    Contribute, say something nice, or GTFO.

    If you think it has to do with how you look, and the physical appearance of God, you are sadly mistaken, and looking past true meaning.

    Go find a bridge to live under, troll.

  16. Are you really suggesting God can be seen?

    God isnt some old man with a beard floating on a cloud in the sky.

    I cant say what God is, because lets face it, we dont know, but we can safely exclude your notion of God from the rest of the possibilities.

    Are you implying that people with down's syndrome are not people? do they not have souls? Do they not have energy? Are they not part of the collective whole, along with the dirt, the gold the diamonds, and the snails? God is the Sum.
  17. My point is if can't can't be seen how can we be in God's image?
    Once again, fail thread is fail.

    I said they weren't people? You're the first to say that, that's kind of offensive you should probably think of their feelings first.
    God, in most probability does not exist.
    And the question I asked still stands.
    If you don't know what God is, and if we are all different how are we in his image?
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    my thoughts exactly

    this is not a "fail thread" you are completely narrow minded to see what god truly is lol. you keep thinking of god as a mirror image of us floating in heaven watching us from outside this 'infinite universe.'

    have you ever wondered why certain atoms attach to others? what causes this force to hold them together? we are not created in gods image by looks lol you are just an ignorant fuck who needs to stay out of this thread....because you have yet to provide anything useful towards this discussion.

    do our minds not exist outside the laws of physics? does god not exist outside the laws of physics as well?

    but once again, before you debate the "probability of god" you should educate yourself rather than make hilarious, pointless, and no value arguments.

    to the bold selection ill just answer it using your words.

  19. I guess it depends on your beliefs with who really created who in who's image...

    For those who question their beliefs, it's sort of a "which came first, the chicken or the egg" issue.

    For the true atheist, there is no chicken, thus end of argument.

    We all see and find beauty in different ways. I feel that God is merely our own interpretation of all that is good within what we see individually, which is why "God" can mean so many things to so many people spread across so many religions.
  20. see gedio, this is actually providing something to the discussion.

    i think many people have the idea of god as a man like us because of ancient ideas of the greeks. hopefully i shouldnt have to explain that, its pretty self explanatory if you know greek mythology.

    the bible itself says the son created everything. you can view that as "the egg," because there was no father to create the son.

    man so many people have trashed the bible for what it truly says. many of the writers have already explained much of what we think today but it is overshadowed because of the monotheistic religions adding on a "chosen people"

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