god what i'll do for 5 bucks

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. hahaha today i got in trouble for runnin down the hallway in my school wit my pants down. haha i got 5 bucks though, so it was all good, i'd recommend anyone to do it hahaha. fun fun silly willy.
  2. lol, when are you going to stop fucking around and just chill and get high, well each to their own i suppose.
  3. For 5 bucks? If you're that poor u should just "slang dope"
  4. haha thats y i'm tryin to get 5 bucks for random stupid shit, so i can "slang dope" n get even more money. cuz right now i gotta go to classes every mon wedn n thurs night n i get drug tested at random. so i figure i'll make some money while i'm in there so i'll have a shitload of bud to smoke when i'm done wit it.
  5. this one kid in my hs, it was b4 i was in there, but i guess he got like 50bucks for pissin his pants in study hall and going up to the SH monitor and say "i had an accident" i would do that for 50
  6. when i say the title of the thread, and saw your name, i knew something stupid had been done...

  7. dido
  8. haha anytime i throw down a thread name like that its gonna be stupid, haha its either gonna be a question or a stupid story, those r my only kinda posts.

  9. negligent you are just TOO cool..

  10. what is up with all you people always putting negligent down?!
  11. sad sad i would have mad it 10$ for doing pointless crap like that but thats just me
  12. pride?? i prolly got alot more cuz most people wouldnt do that cuz there afraid to be embarassed n r worried about people thinkin of them in negative ways. i did it cuz i jus dont care what people think about me n it was an easy 5 bucks. haha yea watsup wit all yall puttin me down u dont see me talkin shit on yall, maybe some of yall will get to meet me n see i aint all that bad. haha i try to be a nice kid but i guess ya cant get that across over tha internet, but its all good.
  13. haha thanx for caring, n Ugly Infidel actually knows me in person n lives somewhat close haha so he dont gotta read to many threads i've posted, jus so yall know.


  14. That's what I want to know. No matter what anyone does here there is no reason to put anyone down. Say what you will about what someone does but don't go after their character.

    But here's your chance for all those who like to.....I ate a worm for $5 once and got and extra $10 for chewing it up so good!!! I suppose I could have really banked some cash had I run around with my pants off! :p
  15. haha finally someone on this board i can relate to!! but hey even if doin stupid stuff for money is... well.... stupid, its better than doin stuff like on "Jackass" n hurting yourself for money right?
  16. I don't know, dude. Hanging with Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam and Pontius....getting injured along with them....yeah, I'd do that for money too! :D

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