god: real or fake

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  1. Choose a side and state why you think so. Religion was created in order to deal and cope with stressful times. I personally believe aliens put us here in need for more resources. Let's face it, if we have the technology to clone people, why couldnt another planet from another galaxy have that same technology and possibly even more knowledge?
  2. cool thinking man.. could be :D
    i honestly dont know for myself.. like i want to believe, but its really hard to 100% believe without any real proof

  3. Yeah that's exactly how I feel. Like I don't want my life to be purposeless. But I also don't want to live FOREVER. Its just so confusing for me. Also, life without relgion would be much easier
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    Op, i agree it's possible that we are here because of ETs or something. I don't necessarily believe that, but I accept the possibility. But, where did the aliens come from if that is true? It doesn't matter what side you choose, it always boils down to the same question, "then what made that?"

    I believe that in order for me to be alive, typing this comment and have a beating heart etc., then there must have been something in existence at all times. There never was a beginning, and there never will be an end. So I call this mysterious first thingy mabobber god. It consists of everything that exists and doesn't exist. You are god I am god. The road is god, the sky is god. your car is even god.

    god = omnipotent. this doesn't mean it has to be a being with superpowers. it could mean that it simply IS everything. because everything in existence combined = omnipotent.

    it's so hard for me to put my thoughts or beliefs into words. so i hope this makes a tad bit of sense, if any at all. it would take eternity for me to explain. If there is problems with this, then please let me know. I'm always down to change my beliefs.

  5. I completely understand whereyoure coming from. It's like believing. In God as a power rather than a person. Do I think something or someone must have at least put a single cell somewhere. But im just lost in life aboutwhether I should give in to religion, and media, and the government. Or actually see things in a different perspective. I just try to be myself, and not worry, and value good traits, and realize this may or may not be the last of myself
  6. The question in the title and the question in te post are inconsistent.

  7. Lol how. Its saying comment and tell your beliefs
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    First you ask if god is real. That's one thing.

    Then you post about why religion was created and something about aliens

    That's three topics right there
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    Lmao sooooooooooooooo
  10. I don't know.

    It's cool to make up your own theories but in the end all the shit I've thought up is just as credible as believing in God, so...

    I don't know and I don't care.
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    So what are you asking?

    Is god real?

    Why does religion exist?

  12. fake as a 3 dollar bill
  13. god is real... i dislike putting names on something that is not a person. theres no waay that all the shit i have survived through in my life is only luck or skill. because im not the skillful or lucky. we are all here until we are all gone. lets enjoy, and just try to live the lives we have in mind for ourselves.
  14. Why not have made this a poll?

  15. faker than pamela andersons tits broo
  16. That's like saying you believe in intelligent design but not god because pamela's tits are fake in part but real flesh still surrounds them.
  17. Let me address this issue delicately.

    God is real.

    He is just as real as, say...

    Santa Claus.

    We all know Santa Claus is only real in our imagination.

    Same with God.

    Hear it, understand it, accept it.
  18. How can anyone believe anything with certainty regarding God or the afterlife?

    Just accept you don't know and move on.
  19. fake

    (but i repent for saying that.. just in case)
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    Yeah I agree. I just wanted to hear oppinions on the subject

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