God it just gets worse...

Discussion in 'General' started by BurningEmbers, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I posted a thread a few weeks ago about how depressed I was feeling.
    This feeling was explained as almost being homesick, but you cannot do anything about, nor is there any reason to be missing something.
    I am being shocked by waves of this, and it is very terrible feeling. I am thinking sad thoughts, cannot sleep and was attempting to earlier.
  2. it gets worse before it gets better. remember this.
  3. Blaze? Haha don't have much advice it's just something that you have to trudge through.
  4. Explain better. Depersonalization?

    What up from PA

  5. Then go out and do something thats your problem
  6. DUde you dont explain your problem, but Im sure you will be fine, relax, smoke some bud, solve something
  7. Ok well Ive smoked a ton of weed today. At the end of it all it started feeling downhill, as in I felt very lonely. Who am I really friends with? When I think about death, that seems extremely harsh, causing me to feel trapped. It's relentless.

  8. Dude you have to start feeling comfortable while being just by yourself... Go to the park, buy a dog, play guitar, start shuffling, do some exercise, read, learn how to hack, idk man do something!!! :smoke: ;)

    Like I told you, youll be fine! :wave:

  9. Thanks for the optimism, but I still think I should see a therapist.
    I notice these symtoms always occur at night before I go to sleep, especially if I slept in late or smoked a ton of weed.
  10. If it's when you're smoking like that then it could be exacerbating some underlying mental issue. Seeing a therapist is a good idea as is staying away from weed for a while.
  11. hmmm are you wanting to go back to a different time of your life Op?
  12. Sounds like puberty to me.
  13. this is something i contend with too, my friend. something i've learned after years and years of this cruel mind set is to stay strong. find that inner strength of yours. you have it. we all have it.
    and try not to think about death. "Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not."
  14. [quote name='"mrgoodsmoke"']Sounds like puberty to me.[/quote]

    Dont think so bro lol...
    Went through that a while ago
  15. Sounds like an endorphin crash.

    Very familiar to when I used to come down from some sort of "speed".

    What are your day to day activities? Not trying to be nosey, just want to help.
  16. It always gets better

    ''No matter the amount of negativity you are presented with, 5 minutes from now could be your best moment''

    Try listening to music you like, relax & meditate, eat healthy and drink water. Think about the good things in your life & if you feel like you're really stressed take some time for yourself to chill. also might want to stop smokin for a lil. Smokin weed while depressed isn't always a good idea. Better to smoke when you feel happy.

    Oh and the reason you get these thoughts at night is because you probaly have more time to think at night

    Try to stay positive and know it will get better :]
  17. Idk man, take a walk, go hiking, go to wallmart or bestbuy and just look at all the new stuff the world has.
  18. all you need is to lose your virginity and you'll be happy as a mufugger
  19. Stop with these bullshit comments, op never said how old he was and all you are saying anyone that feels depressed is underage r a virgin, which usually means underage. Seriously, stop it! I wish I knew how to neg rep, because some of you deserve it. Being depressed doesn't mean your underage, they are just going through a rough time in their world and the little comments that you are making is just plain stupid and doesn't deserve to be here.

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