God is a DJ!

Discussion in 'General' started by sneakatoke, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Cool video

    But for a video about a DJ God, there isn't alot of scratching
  2. God's got a difficult job. :p Cut him a little slack.
  3. When i say everything get fucked up, i expected his to start dropping some crazy mixing or something.

    But no.
  4. // edit

    Actually, that would have been cool it he'd busted out. But w/e, I still liked it.
  5. This is where I heal my hurts
    It's in natural grace
    Or watching young lives shape
    It's in minor keys
    Solutions and remedies
    Enemies becoming friends
    When bitterness ends
    This is my Church
    This is my Church
    This is my Church
    This is where I heal my hurts
    It's in the world I've become
    Containded in the hum between voice and drum
    It's in change
    The poetic justice of cause and effect
    Respect, Love, Compassion
    This is my Church
    This is where I heal my hurts
    For tonight God Is A DJ
    For tonight God Is A DJ
    This is my Church
  6. Yea i expected that too but he just kept doin the same thing. But it was pretty cool.
  7. Holy shit man, that is the sickest, most badass video I've seen in a long ass time... you deserve a hundred +rep's for this. But I can only do one :(
  8. :D Isn't it? My jaw is still aching from hitting the floor.

    The first one is always the best.;):D thanks!
  9. Being a DJ isn't all about scratching, +rep because that's sick.
  10. Wow, the ball can create fates for us all! :)
  11. lol that's a cool video, but I don't know about "better"

  12. Better as in, one is worse, and one is better.

    jk lol, i dont care.
  13. i have been looking for this video forever

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