God hates me. Fuck my luck.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lucifer Christ, May 13, 2010.

  1. Sorry to add another depressing thread to Real Life Stories, I just need to vent, this past month has be fuckin' shitty.

    So a few weeks ago I got really sick, you know, like fever and coughing shit up, and I could barely keep my head up in class. A week rolls by, and it's almost gone, all I have is a bit of a cough. Then my cough comes back full tilt, I can't even speak my throat is so fucked, and I get another fever. Week 2 is done, and I still have this damn cough. It's been a month now and I'm still coughing like a motherfucker every day. The doctor says it might be seasonal allergies, but she has no goddamn clue.

    Around the time I got sick, my best friend started acting like a real fucking asshole. He'd ditch me when we had plans and say he couldn't hang out, then go chill with some other cats. Then we make plans again to get our drink on, because I've been really stressed, and what happens? He spends all the money he was gonna pitch to get drunk the day before. I mean, I've known this guy my whole life, we've always been really good friends, and now he's ditching me left, right, and center. So I suggest we jam, (we're in a band together), and when he finally finds time for it he comes all burnt out and tired. It was like trying to play with a puddle of slime. "How do you want me to play this?" "I dunno", "Do you like how that sounds?" "I dunno". He's just not the same, it's like he really hates me all of a sudden.

    And I can't get a job. I've been trying for a while now, it's just so hard with the shit economy we've got going, and I really need some money before summer rolls around. McDonald's won't even hire me. I mean, what am I supposed to do? Become a male prostitute? I can't even deal drugs 'cause I don't gotta cell phone.

    Today, me and my good friend who I was talking about earlier were jamming with another dude, and my friend decides to kick us out early because he'd rather "get baked and watch TV". I mean, I don't care if you get baked and watch TV, but kicking us out right in the middle of hanging out to do that, man, that's some nerve. So I'm cruising home, already kinda pissed off, and I get home. Wow, cherry on fucking top, my iPod is gone. I just got that after Christmas. I called my friend and he can't find it at his house, and I walked the way I boarded home like 4 times looking for it.

    Fuck. FUCK! God must hate me. I've been too blasphemous. So he blessed me with shitty social skills and now he's fucking with me. My luck has never been good, but, I mean, come on. That's the second iPod touch I've lost. My first one was stolen, along with my bike.

    At least summer's coming.

  2. shit bro just try and get a job for summer man get your stack on n buy a used ipod there way cheaper
  3. Maybe it's because your name is lucifer christ?:confused::confused:
  4. www.xtrememind.com/science.pdf

    read this book, its called The Science of Getting Rich. it teaches you how to think positively and has changed my life in unthinkable ways - its so real man. its so fucking real. please read this for your own good.

  5. Start of the book.

  6. I'll give it a read. That shit really works?
  7. you must have undying unquestioning belief in what the book says is actually true, and it works man! just act on every good idea u get basically thats what i did and im rich now man!
  8. I have the secret to getting rich too. If you want it, paypal me $200.
  9. Yo I second "Ismokedaily" on that one. Keep a positive outlook on life and stuff will start lookin up for you again I promise that
  10. you can also get the audio book for that book on google man, its easier to listen to it - but keep it handy after u read it and listen to it and briefly flip back to the back the odd time and read up to refresh ur memory, youl learn something every time u read it, its a lot to take in at once, but it works.
  11. just chill. thats how life is. you will be going thru some SHITTY times at points, then at other times, youll LOVE life. keep your head up and keep moving.
  12. To further clear up what I meant, It's all about the change of your mind state.
    There's no "Secret formula" or some crazy thing that will automatically get you "rich".
    In terms of being "rich" has many different meanings per say.
    Fuck money, It's all about the experience, friends, love, and happiness you have along your journey in life. That's just MY take on it. What I'm tryin to say is, don't worry about the money man, money comes along with all the other stuff.
    If you plan on reading this book, read it with an open mind looking to better your life, not to make the big bucks.
  13. your pretty ignorant to diss the money book. you havent even read it, it relates to being postive and happy in life TO GET RICH

  14. Once you start believing, anything's possible.

    Oh, and prostitution is always an option, just sayin.

  15. Oh, I very strongly believe in the power of the mind. I'm definitely going to give that book a good read, I need to think more positively. And yeah, money isn't my number one priority, it's just really useful for getting out and doing stuff.

  16. Crackrocks!

  17. yeah mann
    positive energy attracts positive energy
    you put positive energy out the greater forces will then return that positive energy bro
  18. snagajob.com son... good luck... i know how u feel man that shit sucks.
  19. I was just listening to "All Good" by Wookiefoot, and a few excerpts remind me about happiness coming from the mind. I know that these are just words that rhyme, but I feel that even a little verse can go a long way.

  20. "WHATEVER MAY BE SAID IN PRAISE OF POVERTY, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich. No one can rise to his greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he has plenty of money"

    Straight from the first real page. Quotes like these only encourage class-based discrimination, which is a huge issue in America today. And there's no "science to becoming rich" besides HARD WORK!

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