God gave rock and roll to you

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  1. now normally, im not a Kiss fan. but this song has got to be one of the best things ever put on a cd or record. im surprised it's never on those Top 100 Greatest Rock And Roll Songs on VH1 or something. its just, amazing. i suggest you take some time to download it and give it a listen. turn it up loud too.
  2. It would be helpful if you gave the name of the song by Kiss that you are refering to :D
  3. Or is the name of the song the name of the topic? (I supected this after my last message)
  4. hehe, yeah it the topic name
  5. kiss is cool i remember when i first time i saw them in consert, this was before they were big. they opened for, oh shit. whod they open for? (STONER MOMENT) anyway, noone saw anything like it with there faces painted and those costumes. they really sucked too but a coupel years later they were my favorite band.
  6. Anyone seen Detroit Rock City (it's a movie)? That's the only time I have seen or heard the band Kiss...
  7. Oh, Queen are sweet I dont listen to thier music but "WE ARE THE CAMPIONS" and "YOU GOT MUD ON YOUR FACE YA BIG DISGRACE" thier were a band thats for sure! Yeah, I guess you could say I am new school :D you know what I'm eating right now? some little burgers from white castle, first time (we dont have this place in canada) I love these little burgers they taste fucking GOOD!
  8. maybe i'm the only one who harbors a deep dislike for KISS.

    one reason being, that they keep coming back! how many times can a band break up, then get back together and do a reuinion tour?!

    aanyways, thanks zonedude for mentioning that Beth song. i'm attacked by mass KISS fans whenever i tell them my name. it's horrible, the way they start singing it to me ('specially the menz).

    well, i'm done trashing KISS..

    unless they do another reuinion TOUR!!! ha ha.
  9. or ask when boston gonna relese an album....it just gets pushed back..........and its happoning with alx. his album should of been out a year ago! axl is fucked up anyway he needs to get his shit together. any way. er
  10. I used to love some of kiss songs! America....Fuck yeah!!!

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    Mott The Hoople wrote and recorded "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" well before Kiss was formed. It was one MTH's signature tunes,they always closed their shows with it.

    I was around for the Kiss phenomena. The AOR radio station I worked for refused to play their stuff,as it was "teeny-bopper music". We only played serious Rock n' Roll.

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