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Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Lost, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. in a previous post entitled "Is there a god?" nucan discussed the existence of that "all powerful creator". I agree with nucan. I do not believe that there is a magical being looking down on us from a paradise in the clouds. it doesn't seem right. I also feel that religion is just a tool used by the ruling classes to control the "lesser man".

    NOW; having said that, the real point of my post is to toss out to you all a theory of mine that i came up with one night after a couple bowls. Please feel free to add or subtract any parts to inprove this theory.

    THE THEORY: as nucan said, perhaps there was no beggining to our existence, maybe we just have been and always will be. that goes along with my theory that we are all living inside of a being giganticaly larger then ourselfs. What if our entire universe as we know it, along with millions of other universes that we do not know about, all make up sub-atomic particles of another being. and of course that beings universe, along with others, makes up yet another beings sub-atom particles. AND inside of us, inside of our cells, our, atoms, inside of OUR subatomic particles there are millions of universes all living a life very similar to our own.

    I considered this for a great amount of time but eventualy i felt my sanity seeping out of my ears due to my trying to figure out how the world could ever end (as i've been told it should and would). the second that one world ended MILLIONJS upon MILLIONS of other worlds would cease to exists.

    I have tried explaining all of this to a friend of mine but it was just way too much, but after viewing a few of your posts i feel that perhaps this is a group of people who will be better able to comprehend.

    P.S. - i have some other theories relating to this one but those are for another time (possibly)
  2. i say look to physics and cosmology for the starting point to help answer these big philosophical questions.
  3. I don't easily buy in to that, at least life in the form we know it. And talking aobut that how can soem people say there's no life in mars or moon or jupiter, maybe there is but we just don't notice it because it may be so slowly happening that our censors and radars do not notice it. Maybe the whole planet is one living organism. But about the inner and outer universes, I don't see how it could be. 'cos basically everything's about atoms and neutrons. In space there are atoms but they're so wide spread that it seems to us that it's total emptines.

    It's fun to ponder these things but I see no point of over thinking them. It just is and that's about that.

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