god dang spider mites?

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  1. i have been having a really hard time with spidermites. i got some ladtbugs today but its outdoor and idk if they will stay in the same area. i also got a spary from osh that says kills spider mights and safe for erbs im trying it on one of my plants to see if it will burn it or not its called mite x hope it works good says its safe on herbs so idk yet. but anyone got a seceret way of getting away to get them anythink will help thanks...
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    I have had problems with spider mites and I feel your pain. First of all, unless they are completely out of control, they will not kill your plants. You will have a reduced yield because the plants are being stressed but you should be able to bring in a decent harvest in spite of the infestation.

    Controlling Spider Mites takes a pretty good bit of work. Because of the life-cycle of the critter, you will have to treat your plants weekly for several weeks until you have killed successive generations.

    My treatment of choice is an aerosol pyretherin spray. I had tried mixing a concentrate in water in a pressure sprayer, but I could not provide sufficient coverage to get them all. The spray is much finer and makes it easier to get into all the little hidey-holes where these bastards live.

    Neem or other horticultural oils work too, but they kill by suffocating the bugs...you have to actually hit the bug with the oil spray to kill it. Pyretherin is a neuro-toxin and (IMO) is more effective.

    The key is being persistent. Spray your plants weekly for three-four weeks. After that keep an eye out for future infestations.

    Good luck!

    P.S. These treatments will also kill beneficial insects so I'd only recommend using sprays if your natural control (ladybugs) don't do the job.
  3. einstein oil works, alcohol and water 50/50 mixed works too, like oldskool said though, you have to keep at killing them whenever u spot them
  4. i brought my plants out and within the first 2 days on the back steps of my house they were covered with spider mites. i washed them off heavily and used dish soap / water mix, then moved the plants away from there. after the first 3 days they were pretty much gone and havent seen them since
  5. i had a recent issue with them and i used safers endall and hot shot pest strips....i was spraying my plants every other day, just to be sure plus the strips emit an odorless insecticide........didn't take long and they were all gone, but this was all indoors..

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